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Brisbane, Australia – Auckland, New Zealand


THE FIRST LEG – Brisbane to Auckland

25 January 2014
Day 1
Somehow I slept like a log – I wonder if the fear I used to have the night before a flight no longer exhibits itself as restlessness and instead squats inside of me like an albatross in my stomach.

Had a beautiful brunch down at river bar at eagle street pier, overlooking the story bridge in Brisbane. It’s nice to sit with the ones you love the most and have a coffee and a meal and to have a laugh.
It’s my first time travelling without my giant rip curl cabin bag and actually abackback and my checked in baggage and handbag. I know Ioverpack but when I went to Europe I was overseas for 4 weeks, USA and Canada was 5 weeks, second USA trip was 3 weeks and this trip is 6 weeks. So nervous is an understatement.

Hello, New Zealand!

Have I over packed? Yes. Interestingly enough I have also under packed. It’s a bit difficult trying to pack for the cold when you have been sweltering in 35+ degree heat in sunny Queensland. I tried to pack jeans and I threw up in my mouth a little even thinking about it! I guess I’m thankful that we aren’t going near any of the northern states with the absolute bat shit polar flex thing that’s happening.
Saying goodbye to my parents almost made me cry and saying good bye to my man at the departure gate was hard to. I guess where we are (un)lucky is that we already do long distance so this is just double our usual time apart. The dirty granny ciders in the airport bar with each other helped.

Not a bad view for my first hotel of 6 weeks

Flying Air NZ is my favourite and I love their ads. That might have something to do with my secret obsession with LOTR and the Hobbit though. I’ve had my butter chicken and apricot frangipani cake. I’m sipping my Pinot Noir and trying to find something on he airline tv I can focus on. I get mid air ADHD and can’t focus or commit to one show. I get crazy FOMO when it comes to entertainment. Scored a spare seat next to me.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk around Auckland because I refuse to need extra large pants at the end of this trip.
Day 2
Super impressed that wifi is pretty much standard wherever you go now. Even if you have to pay ($10 per 24 hours) it gives you that opportunity to stay in touch with everyone.

Pretty Harbour
Pretty Harbour

I had every intention of performing some kind of cardiovascular activity today but Auckland is wet and rainy and windy. I did purchase a small umbrella for about $6 at the Korean shop next door. Actually I went for the $5 one but the clerk told me that it was made in Taiwan and the $6 one was made in Korea. I have no idea what that means but Korean umbrella came with me. No Sky Tower for me. No visibility! So a breakfast while scamming free internet and messages back home.

Emperor's Lounge - worth every cent of $40
Emperor’s Lounge – worth every cent of $40

Caught the bus back to the airport with my 26kg worth of (at the start of the trip – shitballs). Now sitting in the Emporer Lounge at the Auckland International Airport. Wine, showers, food and couches. This is how you wait for a plane. We leave in a few hours. So not looking forward to the 12 hour flight but definitely looking forward to being back in the states!

Happy Australia Day!
Happy Australia Day!

So nothing too strange as yet except for just now. I was in the bathroom. There are several. I’m in the only closed one. So this old lady tries to get into mine. I was all “occupado” and so she keeps shaking it, the lock flips and the door opens. I kicked it shut. Must have kicked the door into her. So then she starts saying “how rude” and walks off. And so the weird travel stories begin.


Oh! Happy Australia Day!!! I never go anywhere without my vegemite ! So have celebrated aptly I think!

Can’t wait to see Jemma and get this trip started! 🙂


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