North America

Los Angeles, California (our super tourist L.A in a Day!!)

Hollywood – my own personal star ;), The Bangles & our night at the Rainbow Room
Our 12 hour flight turned into 17 hours, Jemma’s sleeping buddy and our much awaited Starbucks once we landed at LAX!

Auckland – LA

January 25th 2014

In true “us” style the trip started dramatically. It seemed NZ had decided that it was an awesome time for torrential rain downpour and Jem’s flight was running Kate. Luckily our plane was delayed by about am hour. It was such a mad rush to clear security and to get on the plane that we didn’t really have time to think about the 12+ hour flight ahead of us. I like to think we have mastered the plane outfits and packing for comfort down oat which is good.

Mel’s Diner – delicious drinks, huge portions and a Hollywood Icon!

We ate our dinner, drank (thanks for the judgement hostess on my two drinks), popped a sleeping pill and said our good nights in the hope to get 6 hours or so (which never happens but it’s a nice thought all the same).

It must have been when we were 8 or so hours into the trip that we found out that our plane was being diverted to Honolulu for a medical emergency. Jem and I were too groggy and tired to really understand what was happening. Full credit to the paramedics and air staff involved though because from the time of the announcement to the time we were back in the air it was only about two hours. It meant another 4.5 hours on the plane so we slept here and there As the plane was descending into LA and we were feeling the full effects of our jet lag and 17 hour crossing the date line haul, I remembered that I had this little jet lag pressure point document in my bag. I still don’t know if it was a placebo type effect or if it worked but we both felt way less disjointed and groggy and just lt tired instead. A massive

improvement to what we were feeling before.

We carried this older ladies bag off the plane for her as she was travelling alone (with friends but they were all separated). She was 89 and she was sick so we felt really badly for her. She told us that she had been in NZ and had gone jet boating and took a helicopter up to a glacier. Coolest old girl I have met in a long time.

Grabbed our bags, grabbed a giant Starbucks each and jumped in a cab almost straight away. Our cab driver was from Algeria and was one of the fried list cab drivers I have ever had. Take note terrible australian cab drivers – 80% of you are rude and have gross cabs. He told us that we should definitely try the two best places for burgers. First option was In and Out Burger. Which Jemma and I didn’t have the heart to tell him we had tried a couple of years ago and HATED. The second option was Chick a Fill. Which we have only heard down our way as being super homophobic. So that’s a no from us.

Seeing the sights in our express hop-over, one-night Special in Hollywood 🙂

Our flight delay basically meant we only had a couple of hours before sundown but also meant we could check in straight away.
2 express showers, one bag explosion and a few texts back home later and we were out the door. We figured we had time to do a few LA sights before making our way to a Whiskey a Go Go to see the Bangles (score on the tickets). Had dinner at Mel’s Diner, ran around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, grabbed some super tourist shots of the Chinese Grauman Theatre and were harassed not once, but twice by what I think was Asian-pink-haired Sandra Bullock in a space suit. Or it was just a space person but I’m going with my first option a la gravity. She was persistent but look lady, you aren’t famous, I’m not here for you and I do not pay to be in photos with non famous people. Bugger off.

One bathroom break later and I came back to Jemma who said that we were sitting with someone who was part of a band which was quite popular in our high school years. QUITE popular. At first I didn’t believe her but after some super secret squirrel googling in the bathroom, it was confirmed. I came back to the table and Jemma made it pretty clear that I was to “play it cool”. So I slipped on my super not at all fan-girl top and attempted to play it cool.Now this is where the night gets interesting. We went to the Roosevelt hotel for a drink. Then we decided that it wasn’t our scene and decided to head to Hooters (more our scene) but it looked pack and the crossing lights were red and it just seemed like too much of a hassle. So we went the other direction and ended up at buffalo wings – a giant sports bar. We sat down at the bar, started watching what we thought was the Super Bowl and drank our giant beers. In true Courtnie & Jemma fashion we were talking at a million miles a minute. Jemma was watching the game and then asked if it was just her or if the players seemed kind of old and unfit. This guy next to her piped up and explained what game it was and who the players were. Cue conversation.

Happy holiday snaps!

What made it even crazier was that our new friend was also going to see The Bangles at ‘the Whiskey’. So we scored a ride in his car service with him and his friends. At first it really seemed like his friends f*cking hated us be uses I guess they were used to groupies or whatever but we already had our own tickets and there was no sexual vibes coming from either of us. So then everyone was really accommodating and lightened up a bit. The Bangles were awesome, Jem and I scored new friends in one of the VIP tables and invited our new famous friend to come and sit with us haha. Ridiculous. We ended up taking our new friends and following our new famous friend to Rainbow a Room and having more drinks. We met some adult-entertainment famous people and Jem even bought a rose for one of them.

An incredibly horrific cab ride home for me and a pretty non-classy arrival at the hotel, we made it home. We had our own version of a rock star ending to the night. If by rock star you mean Jemma attempting to babysit me. I definitely owe you one Jem.

We realised we probably could not have topped the night and were completely exhausted from our international, across-the-date line transit. Decided that rather than the awkward goodbyes, the sneaky fade-away was our best choice.

Worst hangover on record.

Our alarm for our shuttle to the airport went off at 7am and me being still hung over and impaired, turned the alarm off because I did not feel like getting up. Then kind of slept with one eye open watching the alarm clock. Weighed up the options of missing the flight and explaining that to Jem as well as buying new flights to Miami and promptly told Jem at 7:46 that we had 14 minutes to get ready.

That was the worst 14 minutes of my life. I remember packing nothing. I felt like hell and if falling over and dying was an option I would have taken it. We JUST made the shuttle but that was a horrific ride and getting through security and making the plane was horrendous. We did make it though!! Our express one night LA stopover had taken us places we did not think possible and we are still shaking our heads. We can never out do this night. Ever.

PS> Worst hangover on record for me in the last two years. Easily.

NB: No Housekeepers were harmed too drastically by how we left that hotel room, to our knowledge.

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