South America

Things I took for granted (AND YOU WILL TOO!) before I went to South America (in no particular order)


1. English (yeah I know, I’m the dipshit who didn’t learn Spanish before going).

2. Irons in hotel rooms (I don’t backpack, hanging clothes up with the shower steaming in order to **try** to remove wrinkles in clothes is completely new to me).

3. Flushing toilet paper – I know it is because the pipes are broken but it is super gross having a bin full of number 1 and 2 papers next to the toilet.

4. How great of a friendship I have with Jemma – seriously, I could never travel with a stranger ever again.

5. WiFi – no I didn’t spend all of my time on it but it was amazing when I had it.

6. Flushing toilet paper – listed twice you say? Yes because the toilet deaths we caused was 3 or 4…maybe 5. We just forgot. A lot.

7. How stupid some of our sayings are, for example, “Shit happens”. I spent 10 minutes explaining to a woman at Rio airport that it did not mean her food was terrible. Then I realised how ridiculous the saying actually is when you try to explain it to someone who does not speak English as their first language.

8. Baggage handlers not in South America. Not sure how you did is LAN & TAM but you broke at least 3 suitcases that I know of, two of them the hard case ones – bravo!

9. Walls. Floors. Walls. WALLS. I’m looking at you Amazon.

10. Chemists. Antibiotics. Pseudoephedrine.

Please note these are (mostly) tongue in cheek, I loved South America 🙂 – 

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