South America

Arequipa, Peru

20140803-120136-43296307.jpgDay 1
This morning I woke up a big disgusting mess. Worse than the precious two days. Had the shakes yet was boiling, couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe through my nose and was blowing my nose every minute. Poor Jem got no sleep either. Packing our suitcases was hard. I had my “I wish I was home” pants on. Which I think isn’t so much negative as it is normal when you are sick and you are overseas and trying to go to the pharmacy turns into a nightmare. Anyways. Made it downstairs to get on the bus and most people took one look at me and took a wide step back. I wasn’t the only one though. One of the girls on our trip who had been in Mexico for two weeks had eaten something the night before and had come down and hard. From the time we left the hotel, to when we arrived at Lima International Airport she had gone from bad to the evil stepmother of worse. We almost lost her during check in as she was so sick. Monica had to take her to see the GP before our flight to see if anything would help.

I felt like my head was going to explode on the plane thanks to my congested sick face. I went through a giant box of tissues on the plane. I was not happy. I wanted to scratch my own eyes out they were so inflamed. All I could think was great, my sickness is going to ruin another holiday.

The flight to Arequipa was just I’ve an hour. Jemma scored a guy in front of her who not only had the emergency row (and therefore more leg room), but had both seats next to him free (more everything room) but he put his seat right back only to sit forward in it and play a car racing game on full volume. These people on planes are the worst people. I think my favourite part of the flight was probably the giant box of tissues I went through in an hour and the compression of my sinuses. That was tops!!

Once we landed the girl who had been sick was met by our local guide Gladys and put straight into a taxi as there was a GP waiting for her at the hotel. I’ve got to credit our tour manager with how quickly she gets things done. It was amazing. We found out that she ended up wing admitted to hospital and actually had to spend the night due to food poisoning bacteria. The poor girl. Not that it’s even remotely the same but my cold was officially in full swing of being horrible and while we were doing our tour of Arequipa I couldn’t really focus on anything.20140803-120137-43297220.jpg

Our guide Gladys was hilarious definitely left me with a few comments which I loved:
*”Gift for boyfriend. Maybe girlfriend. Maybe just friend. Or friend you sometimes give kisses.”

*”The guinea pig we prepare is prepared whole and it is displayed spread out with head, like he is saying “eat me!”

*”We have a hot chili we call it monkey peeny”( Twenty seconds later we work out she was saying penis).

We were taken to an absolutely breathtaking lookout and tried coca leaves (no bueno). We then went to the nicest looking restaurant for lunch. I however couldn’t eat, could barely swallow water and exiled myself out onto the lawn like the infected dog I had turned into. Such a shame because the food looked AMAZING.

Straight to our hotel, Santa Rosa where I was dosed with NyQuil from our Philly tour buddy and I went straight to bed. So missed out on another night out but kept thinking if I pushed myself too far, I could end up sick for the next month.

Arequipa is very beautiful and is nestled between three volcanos and it is just visually stunning.

Tomorrow- off to Colca Canyon

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