South America

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

12 February 2014
Day 1
IMG_5429This morning out wake up call was at 4am and breakfast was a piece of bread with some jam (can’t expect a kitchen to be in full force at the devils hour). It was drizzling rain as we walked to the bus stop but who cared?!? We were going to MACHU PICCHU!!!!! Once we got to the bus station we had about half an hour or so I dodging the droplets before we climbed on buses amongst the masses of people (thus the early rising). A half hour to forty minute bus ride, in the dark and in the rain up the mountain was actually quite nice. It made it way more mysterious as to what it was, because we couldn’t see the ruins as we went up.

IMG_0181Upon arriving, we got our tickets and made our way through the dog and mist and started climbing the stairs. The altitude is such a bitch!! When we made it to the first look out though and the mist and fog cleared, it actually took my breath away. It was astoundingly beautiful and as it was before 6am there were barely any people. Absolutely gorgeous. IMG_0195

We had an explanation by our local guide for around half an hour and took our group photo as well as saw our tour manager Monica tell at a couple of horrible Australian tourists who were just being complete yobbo wankers and disrespectful in such an amazing place. Have some respect, you’re embarrassing the rest of us!!

We then spent another couple of hours walking around the ruins and hearing explanations from our guide. Machu Picchu is beautiful. I can’t wait to go back. We went in February so there is no option to do the inca trek as it is closed for maintenance. Although I definitely felt the burn in my legs and bum just from walking up and down the steps at the ruins. IMG_0206

We were told all about the most important parts of the site such as the Temple of Three Windows, the ceremonial baths and the alter. We were told the Machu Picchu is believed to have been the country retreat for the wealthy Inca’s.

A group of us hit the eatery at the bottom and HARD. Our tiny breakfast and huge work out meant we were starving. Jemma had a beer which was well rewarded and even then it was only 9 or 9:30 and we felt like we had been up for five days. We made it back to town and had coffees and then soon enough it was time to get back on the train and head back to Olyamtambambo. Once we got back we started our journey back to Cusco.

IMG_0219IMG_0231Monica rallied the troops and we had dinner at an american diner type restaurant in Cusco. Huge burgers and fries and delicious drinks. On closer inspection though, all of the burgers were veal and I don’t eat veal. So I had the pumpkin party vego burger which was monstrous and absolutely amazing delicious.

No trip out for me because after our 4am wake up call and activity filled day in the morning, heading home and sleeping seemed like an amazing option! A few of us walked home in the freezing rain and a small kid with finger puppets followed me home, trying to make a sell. I was legitimately out of money and had not much use for finger puppets. He asked where I was from and I told him Australia and he listed the current Prime Minister, the last Prime Minister, most of our national animals etc. It was pretty amazing. But no finger puppets kid. It was nice to have someone walk me home though!

Settled into bed, still finding it hard to believe that we could possibly be done with Machu Picchu. Had it really gone by that fast???

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