South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina – February 18, 2014


Oh my goodness – let’s pretend I have not taken three years to continue my adventure stories! Okay – so our time in Peru was wrapping up, I was really sad, we were really sad to leave – it had been such an amazing couple of weeks and Peru was such a gorgeous country.

Our flight from Lima was relatively early and we needed to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. As this was part of our Contiki booking – those of us who were travelling beyond Peru were all booked onto the same flight, though our seats were randomly assigned.


I was sat in the middle seat of the middle row – with Jemma I think a row behind me and Claire a row across. This tiny little chick sat next to me and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking I would not be squashed or have my personal space invaded.

Wrong. You know those news articles of flying nightmares and feet on seats? WELL –

this chick took off her Birkenstocks and lifted her right leg (I was on her left) up over her knee and played with her foot and toes for 5 hours – her foot was near my face. Also, now I may as well mention I have a bit of a foot issue. It was horrendous. Funny now but then I was absolutely #triggered and so annoyed.

Anyways, when we landed in Buenos Aires – we were met with a much bigger Contiki bus and a new tour-guide. It was sad that we no longer had Monica with us, but we were ready for the new adventure. We had also said goodbye to some really amazing tour-mates so it was bitter-sweet.

When we got to our hotel – we were blown away, considering we had slept in a jungle room without walls and other really budget/basic places – we were not expecting a giant hotel room!

Our first (and quite frankly most important stop) was to find hotel supplies, as in snacks and booze. Especially after our 6-ish hours travel time. We found a shop and then found a booze shop and, well – it took us a while to work out the conversation price but what we did buy cost us $17 Australian dollars, and yes – that is a bottle of vodka included (bad vodka but vodka all the same). We were nearing the end of our holiday so any saved $ was a good thing!

What I do remember about Buenos Aires is that we were completely out of our depths language wise, we had only just gotten a handle of Spanish so we kind of just, gave up – because in Argentina they speak soooo quickly. We ate and drank whatever we could pronounce. We did find a very strange restaurant near the hotel and I think it was meant to be Italian but I cannot be certain.

We did a tour of the city on one of our days – my favourite part was going through the gorgeous cemetery – Le Recoleta. It was absolutely beautiful! The Le Recoleta Cemetery is located in the Recoleta neighbourhood and has graves of Eva Peron, m

any presidents, Noble Prize winners and the granddaughter of Napoleon. It is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world and it is easy to see why.

We had an absolute blast doing tango lessons and then went to dinner and a tango show. Again, completely out of our depth language wise but had a pretty good time.

The highlight for me in Buenos Aires though was when we went to The Argentine Experience. Hands down, the funnest night for me. Drinking wine, choosing your steak, making empanadas’ and then the delicious dessert. It was like one big dinner party and was relaxing and fun and I think I nearly had an out of body experience when we got to make and eat our alfajor de maicena treats (corn starch biscuit, dulce de leche and grated coconut). Plus red wine and you had three very happy and content Australian girls.

We also got to wear adorable aprons and chef hats and make empanadas’ for each other. Jemma did make hers to look like my head and then stabbed it with a steak knife though…to much red wine, or too much me? 🙂

We only had 2 or 3 nights in Buenos Aires and I don’t seem to have too many pictures, I think after going snap-crazy in Peru I was a bit over carting my camera everywhere. What I do know is the morning we were meant to fly from Buenos Aires up to Brazil (for the border Iguazu Falls), we: A) missed our alarm, B) missed the phone calls from reception to get on the bus and C) missed the bus to the airport.

We woke up in an absolute MAD panic – we had never missed a fight – even that disastrous first night in L.A we still made the flight. We packed like maniacs, called a taxi and prayed we would make our flight (which was leaving in 60 minutes). We also found out one of the other girls had left their passport in their safe, so thankfully we were running late. We got out taxi, absolutely freaking out and then the taxi stalled on the motorway every 40 seconds and the taxi driver was screaming at the car in Spanish. We only just made it and I mean just made it. The girl who had left her passport behind barely even acknowledged us and actually made some sarcastic remark to us about having almost missed the flight (not sure she realised she almost missed it as well?).

Buenos Aires was beautiful, but it was time for the next part of our adventure!

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