North America

The end of our America’s Trip!

Santa Monica 9866

March 2014

Our huge 10 hour journey from Rio De Janeiro to Miami had been one of the more horrific flights of the trip. So it was nice to touch down in Miami – Miami airport had begun to feel very familiar to us, isn’t that funny about travel? We are an Aussie and a Kiwi, who have both been to Florida a handful of times, yet it feels as familiar as our own towns!

We couldn’t believe it had been a month or so since we had left this very same airport. Our layover was a couple of hours and we were both incredibly sleep-deprived, by the time we boarded our flight back to Los Angeles we were well and truly sick of travelling.2014-03-03 14.35.07-1

I think we both managed to sleep on our flight back to Los Angeles, which was small mercies. L.A was a hub of activities as it was Academy Awards season!!! I had always enjoyed watching the Academy Awards on tv at home, but it was pretty cool to watch it in L.A.

We checked into the cutest little hotel and in comparison to some of the places we had stayed in South America – may as well have been the Shangri-La! Comfy bed, cute hotel, cute view, nice location – total bliss!

We again went and stocked up on drinks and snacks to have in our room – have long hot showers and watch the Academy Awards! The BEST! Was it glamorous? No – was it amazing to have this level of comfort, YES!!

Santa Monica 9878

We went for a walk along Venice Beach, which got increasingly creepy the further down you went – by some bizarre coincidence, we ran into a girl who had been on one portion of our Contiki trip a few weeks before, who hadn’t said one word to us on the tour – but then ran into us on the street and it made for possibly the MOST awkward five minute talk you’ve ever imagined.

At one point she flat out asked ‘Why are you here?’. Um, because we are on holiday? Someone spat at us, someone tried to sell us drugs and someone was using the street as their bathroom. Oh Venice Beach, classic! It’s super eclectic though and if you’re careful and there during the day it’s not too dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend anyone strolling around there late at night though, as socio-economically it’s not very nice area.


My highlight was my Kimmy-K crying shirt, it is legitimately still one of my favourite shirts. Oh Kimmy – I love you and your crying face. I also had chicken and waffles at the restaurant from I Love You Man – a first for everything!

We spent our last day in L.A exploring Santa Monica, going to Bubba Gump’s, drinking booze and also had dinner at the Olive Garden.Jemma and I have seen so much of the world and have done so much together, but some of my favourite times with her have always just been hanging out with her.

IMG_9876 (1)

Thank god we met all those years before on our European Contiki, thank you for always being up for any around-the-world adventure. Our lives have changed and we don’t see each other as much anymore, but I know that our time together will always be amazing :).

It would be impossible to out-do such an amazing trip, every single holiday we have ever taken together has been amazing but this trip definitely brought us closer together as friends.

We probably should have learnt Spanish before we went though, that definitely would have been the appropriate and smart thing to do. We met so many amazing people and had seen things in our lives that many people don’t get the opportunity to see.

When you spend your twenties focussing on your career and working really hard, making sacrifices in order to save for holiday’s, then you have to embrace every experience which comes your way – which we certainly did!

Our flight home was bitter-sweet, we did not know when we would travel overseas again. What an amazing adventure we had had together though! Special thanks to Koru club and our invented cocktail – the strawberry-kiwi (me and Jem) :).

Thank you California, Florida, Peru, Argentina and Brazil for an amazing adventure! You were worth every $, every sickness and every travel story (good and bad)!


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