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You, Me and the Sea, baby – Our Next Adventure!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It has been such a long time since I gave this little blog the attention it deserves!

I will be taking the time to bring it up to date, so many little travel stories to complete.

We have 16 days until our next adventure, it is an 8 night cruise to New Caledonia. Our cruise is on the newest ship to be welcomes into the P&O Australia family, the Pacific Explorer. She’s the biggest ship for P&O Aus to date, with capacity for 1998 guests, measuring 853feet and weighing almost 75,000 gross tonnes. Bring it on! We have a balcony room and were lucky enough to score the free premium drinks package (up to and including $12) each, so it should make for a great holiday!

Cruises are so easy, mindless and the best little break. It cannot compete with the epic month+ long adventures I have had in the past, but having that quality time with my Husband is AMAZING.

Our last holiday was our Honeymoon in October of last year, so really looking forward to it!

We sail from Sydney Harbour on 9 September and will visit Noumea, Mare and Isle of Pines – all of which I am really looking forward to. Eight nights on the sea, my Husband, a few good books and R&R!

We have been on a couple of cruises together before, however – if you have any cruising tips you live by – please do share!


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