My 6 Must-Have carry-on items for Long-Haul Flights!

A book your music, headphones, a sleepy-mask, some snacks, your bag, your camera, your phone. All set, right? WRONG! There are some key pieces I have listed below which I NEVER forget to take as part of my carry-on luggage! These are the six items which work for me for long-haul (some for short-haul).

So we need to be on-guard about what sort of space we may be inhabiting after someone a little grotty / sick / unwell / who doesn’t wash their hands after the toilet. Let’s not forget, that some people treat their areas like this:

1. Anti-bacterial gel/wipes. I know the plane itself is crawling with germs, bacteria and other nasty surprises, however I still relish in the small comfort I experience in wiping down my seat/tray/arm-wrests and remote control on my flights. If I am spending 3+ hours (sometimes up to 15 hours!), then I want a fighting chance in my seat.wipes
2. Keep your nose wet  -This one is not at all glamorous but I SWEAR by it – once your nose is dry – your nasal passages become problematic as your natural drainage system starts to play-up, which can mean viruses and bacteria getting somewhere they shouldn’t. I am not saying you won’t catch something, but keeping your nose moist (sorry, not sorry), will certainly improve your chances!

3. WATER! Yes, we all love a few bevvies on the flight – my most common used sentence when flying tends to be “red wine / vodka diet please”. It might help you sleep, but I promise you – if you don’t keep hydrated, you are for a world of hurt. Air conditioning and low humidity is the fastest way to dehydrate and you know what makes it worse? Booze. Stay hydrated, drink your H20!body sock

4. Socks. Yes – your insta-selfies and other glamorous photographs and general ‘image’ whilst going through security and boarding your flight is great. But you know what you want 3-4 hours into your flight? Comfort. My bra comes off, a long sleeved jersey goes on, my shoes come off and my thick socks go on and I go for comfort. You can then un-bogan yourself before you land. Trust me on this – socks and comfort – nothing worse than cold feet thousands of feet in the air!

moisture5. Moisturiser & make-up wipes. Nobody likes a sandy, cracked face. Again to my point above about your socks and comfort, same goes for your face.  You can look glam all you want – but when it is bedtime – you want to get rid of that makeup – cleanse your face and slather on the moisturiser. You can put your make-up back on before you land (and brush your teeth!). just because you are flying, does not mean you forget your skin-care regime! Just remember to keep your products under 100ml or you risk having it trashed before you get on the plane.

 leggings are not pants6. Fresh underwear This one is mostly for the ladies, but men might like this too – honestly, flying economy you don’t have the luxury of a bathroom or shower at the end of a long trip – some make-up wipes, bit of deodorant and a fresh pair of undies (and clothes if you wish), will honestly make you feel much better once you reach your destination!

What is your must-have carry-on item?

Happy travels!


4 thoughts on “My 6 Must-Have carry-on items for Long-Haul Flights!

  1. Good advise! all of these would be on my must haves!
    Can never be too prepared! I also add dental floss, nail file, spare hair tie and some pain killers to the list 🙂


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