Melbourne in a day!

So not technically a holiday, but I’m currently at the airport waiting for a flight to Melbourne!

Any excuse for a plane trip somewhere, right? Well I have a fantastic reason as today is my very first close-girlfriends baby shower!
I am so excited to get going – though I hear it will be much colder than my Queensland weather! Cracking up at the quality of ‘journalism’ in mags these days-check this one out (above).

I’ve got my good-deed for the day, a little old man with his wheelchair-bound Wife has ducked off to the restrooms pre-flight and asked the staff to watch his bags. They said no, so now I’m watching them, because why not?
I’m only in Melbourne from 10am until 6pm when I fly home, an express trip, sure. Although I think it will still be fun :)!

Also for anyone wondering – this is the nasal spray I was talking about in my last post. You can find this in most airports, though if you buy it at a chemist warehouse before your trip you will save $.
Have a happy Saturday!


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