Let’s Eat! 8 of my favourite places to eat in Brisbane <3

rabbit holeSo, I don’t get out nearly as much as I would like to. With a Husband who works every second weekend on call and a full-time job, gym and other social commitments, I don’t always have the want or need to get out and about on the weekends. However, when I do – there are a few different places which I love to go. So when we do have the time to go out and eat together, we have a few staples which we love. Budget –friendly, man-friendly and with generous portion sizes, these are a few of my favourite places to go with my Husband,

Jan Power’s Farmer’s Markets – what’s not to love about going to the markets on a Saturday? The bonus? The Jan Power’s markets are open until midday, so no need to fight the nomad army at 6am with trolley’s on wheels – unless you want to of course. I just prefer a lazy and relaxed wander around the markets with a good cup of coffee. Hubby loves anything to do with dumplings, German gourmet sausages and we both love anything that resembles pastries.

Eat Street Brisbane – much like the above Jan Power’s markets, but with music and booze! Any excuse to jump on a ferry and head down my beloved brown to Hamilton for the Eat Street Markets from Friday-Sunday. Eat Street is fantastic, no shortage of food stalls (every seen a potato on the end of an electric drill, turning into a tasty snack?!). Plus, show me a girl who isn’t mesmerised by a string of fairy lights and I will in turn, show you a liar ;). One word for you, to really sell this – CRONUT.

flour and chocolateFlour & Chocolate – this gorgeous patisserie is located in Morningside on the south-east side of Brisbane and trust me, it is worth it! If I can give you a tip though, get here early or you will miss out. Flour and Chocolate is open Monday-Sunday and has an amazing selection of tasty treats (including gluten free products). With a handful of well-deserved awards, whenever my Husband comes through the front-door with a bag from Flour and Chocolate, my smile almost breaks my face! My recommendation? The double-chocolate brownies and the almond croissants. My Husband’s favourites are the eclairs and the chocolate croissants.

The Rabbit Hole Café & Bar – this restaurant is in Seven Hills and is THE place to go for brunch. Not only is it adorable, it is delicious and really well priced. It is home-cooking at its best and the coffee is amazing. The Rabbit Hole Build your own Breakfast is such a great idea – instead of being stuck to a breakfast and paying extra for sides, you choose your eggs to be cooked how you want and choose three sides for $18.50. The bacon here tastes amazing and is so thick. Really great atmosphere as well and a gorgeous little homewares shop next door for a post-brunch wander.

our hausOur Haus Café in Hawthorne is a cool little coffee ship with friendly service and delicious, large-portioned meals. It is very reasonably priced and located on Hawthorne Road. Their bacon and egg role on Turkish bread is Hubby’s choice and I cannot go past their very large, very delicious Eggs Riding (roasted pumpkin, wilted spinach, poached eggs on buttered Turkish bread with tomato compote). You can also take your dog to the outside area!

Buffalo Bar – described as ‘rocking with American rockabilly soul’, the Buffalo Bar on the corner of Edward and Mary Street in Brisbane City is delicious. It’s got the ambience and environment just right and with a selection of tasty American treats (jalapeno poppers, a large selection of wings, fries, burgers, brisket, short-ribs, steak etc.,), you won’t be disappointed. If that all sounds a little too meat-heavy for you, then I recommend the sweet potato fries with jalapeno mayo and the Burt Reynolds burger (breaded camembert burger with battered cauliflower, chili and coriander relish) – it left my mouth watering for two days afterwards. Hubby’s go-to drink is the Old Fashioned or Manhattan and I am all about the French Martini or a good Pinot Noir.

downtown instanbulDowntown Istanbul – located in Hawrthorne, this is my preferred Turkish restaurant in Brisbane. It’s directly next to the Hawthorne Deluxe cinema so it makes the perfect, pre-movie date restaurant. It is operated by the former owners of Ahmet’s in Brisbane, so these guys know Turkish food! The service is quick and friendly and the food is delicious. My pick is the Ali Nazik with Chicken Shish (chargrilled marinated chicken) and Turkish bread). Hubby’s preference is any and all of the Turkish Pide (Pizza’s). Downtown Istanbul also has a large list of local and international beer and wine, I am a big fan of the Not Your Grandma’s Rose and the Downtown Sangria.

Ze Pickle burgers in Fortitude Valley and now open at Camp Hill on the South Side, will have your mouth watering before you have even sat down at your table. Any place that has uniquely named food and drinks is going to appeal to me any day of the week, but what’s important is that the name isn’t the best thing about it. Ze Pickle is amazing, I don’t know of any man or woman who has been disappointed with their fare. With burgers named Chee-Ze, Ya Mum, 3am, Kim John Illest and the Triple Loco – how can you go wrong? My favourite is the Chee-ze and Hubby’s favourite is the Pablo Escoburger (ground wagyu beef, cheese, guacamole, queso, smoked jalapenos, corn chips and zp sauce). ze pickleKumara fries and fried baby bell cheese will also ensure you sloth-out of there when you are done. My favourite cocktail is the Kim Karpassionfruit (vodka, fresh passionfruit and flavours of vanilla and lemonade and the Hood Juice (gin, cloudy apple and watermelon juices and peach and apple flavours). There is a large range of tap beer as well.

These are just a few of my favourites, like I said they are inexpensive, the food is good quality and the atmosphere fun. I hope you enjoy these suggestions, please let me know what your favourite menu items are from these places!


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