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Muir Woods & the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

muir 2The Muir Woods National Monument is a 554 acre unit of national parks and is one of the last remaining areas in San Francisco Bay area where redwoods remain. Interestingly, it is also an area of San Francisco which has Australian gumtrees!

We were on our coach tour, heading towards the national monument when I said to my boyfriend I was sure I could see gumtrees? Then the tour guide confirmed our suspicion, it was a nice touch of home! Our coach travelled over the Golden Gate Bridge and thanks to the SanFran fog, visibility was next to nothing (it made us a little worried we were not going to see the bridge on our visit).

cold muirWe knew we wanted to see the redwoods, given how old they are and how tall some of them are in the national monument. We started our tour super-early, and headed out on our toasty warm coach to the Muir Woods. It was so beautiful and peaceful when we got there – the air was clear, it was just magical. I am a forest over the beach kind of girl and so is my Husband so we were in our absolute element!

Something which I thought was amazing, was that the Muir Woods National Monument is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in the SanFran Bay area and that it only exists really because of Congressman William Kent and his Wife buying 611 acres of redwoods and mountains to protect the forest in 1907. They did end up having to relinquish 295 acres to the government to avoid a court battle with a water company wanting the area.

Thankfully President Teddy Roosevelt created the first national monument from donated land and was really the brains behind conservation and creating national monuments in the States., Well done, Teddy!

muir woodsWhen we had finished our tour of the monument we warmed up with bowls of soup and I ended up with mine and my Husband’s jacket (I swear he spend most of the trip making sure I was warm).

Our coach then dropped in at Sausalito for a lunch break. Grant and I chose to visit a pub and have some holiday drinks, we aren’t really shoppers and to be honest we wanted to have a break from our tour group and relax for a while.

golden gateWe then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge for our photo opportunities with the group and it was amazing as the fog had all cleared up and the view was fantastic! Such a clear day and so nice to be able to see something from our bucket list. It really takes your breath away on a clear day!

SanFran had only been a short-stop on our way to NYC but it had been absolutely beautiful and a wonderful start to our trip!


4 thoughts on “Muir Woods & the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

    1. I really hope to go back one day, on my own and not with a tour – so I can self-pace my way. There is something so beautiful with these gorgeous old trees!

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      1. Oh I totally understand…there was a redwood forest in NZ that I walked through a few times because I just couldn’t resist watching the trees…they just look so majestic and tall, I wish I have some nearby now to watch…hahaha

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