2017 reading journey

Autumn Reading Challenge (Part 1)

During our Autumn, I managed to read through 12 books, so I was pretty proud with my efforts there! Here is a little review of the first four I read – enjoy!

behind closed doorsBehind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris (2016)

Isn’t it funny the way we judge or make assumptions of strangers? Have you ever people-watched whilst waiting for your coffee or take-away? Ever compared your relationship to a couple near you when out eating? Watching their body language, their displays of love – the way they steal looks (positive or not) at one another? Of course you have, we all do. We also work our hardest to display our own image for our relationship to the public.

We want to appear kind, or successful, or brave, confident, humorous, healthy, wise. We want our relationships to appear rock-solid, respectful, and successful and in some way we would like others to hopefully describe us as a ‘good’ couple, a ‘strong’ couple. A ‘fun’ couple. We want to be liked, but we also want to be respected. Even if we don’t admit it, subconsciously we may wish to be envied.

This book was a fun read, it certainly reminded me of any time I had ever been suspicious of another person, watched someone’s partner a little too closely, made my own assumptions, and thought the worst. I like to think I am able to recognise abusive behaviour, I am also acutely aware of those who keep their private lives private. No real take-away from this book other than:

  • It’s okay to keep things private and for your eyes only, just don’t go out of your way to fabricate a ‘show’ to the public;
  • Be true to you, be respectful of your partner and don’t be afraid to let your guard down occasionally, being vulnerable is not being weak, it is being human;
  • Those who love and support you will never tear you down, even if you don’t appear perfect and those who do, don’t truly love you or your relationship.

Food for thought.

a feast for crowsA Feast for Crows – George R.R. Martin (2011)

So I picked this book back up, I had started reading it last year and then just became distracted – which is easy to do with The Game of Thrones books because they are SO large. This one comes in at 1061 pages long and it is a struggle getting through it in less than 2 weeks, particularly if you are working and have any form of social life external to reading! As the fourth volume of the Game of Thrones series, A Feast for Crows is covered by the fourth and fifth seasons of the television show.

You cannot really take any learnings from the Game of Thrones books unless you want to assume you can trust nobody, blood is not thicker than water and you can basically turn on anyone you feel like, at any time. That’s the joy of diving into a good fantasy book! It will be a while until I pick up the fifth book, I always need a break after finishing one of George’s books!

witching hourWitching Hour – Simon Kewin (2013)

As per my reading challenge, the next one in line was to be a book with a lion, a witch or a wardrobe. I decided on a collection of short-stories, after my mammoth effort with A Feast for Crows. This collection of short stories by Simon Kewin had The Standing Stones of Erelong, A Sorcerous Mist and Slieau Whallian. They were all short stories about witchcraft and witch magic. Easy to read, nothing too crazy and very well written. To be able to put together three such different and magical stories is a talent – I read it in a day, but there is nothing wrong with that! Again, no real life lessons given the content and theme, not exactly parallel to my life or world at the time!

big little liesBig Little Lies – Liane Moriarty (2014)

WOW. I am so glad I picked this book up on one of my Big W scavenger hunts! I knew the HBO mini-series was coming out shortly and I knew I was going to watch it so I bought this book thinking it would be an easy read. I was almost disappointed given I had it sitting on my shelf for two months before I read it! Once I cracked the spine and got going though, I could barely put it down! I chose this book for my reading challenge, to find a book with a female heroine; and I found four! This story follows three women, each at a crossroads in their lives. It is also based in the North Shore area of Sydney, so the painted image of rich, entitled women works quite well there! The book takes on ex-husbands, second-wives, mothers and daughters, the schoolyard, the complexity of children and of course, lies. I loved it and you will too, give it a read! I loved the mini-series which I watched after I read the book but I must be honest, I was disappointed in some of the changes in the mini-series; I much preferred the book and the path it took.

Thanks for reading, as always!

To be continued…



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