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San Francisco – the end of our West to East Coast holiday <3

Newly engaged and with frozen ears, noses and toes it was time to say goodbye to beautiful New York City and head back to San Francisco. We had a further two nights booked back in the Golden City, before we were to start our long journey back to Brisbane.

With only two nights left and after a day of travel flying from NYC to SanFran, we made our way to our hotel in the longest possible way. Accidentally I had misread the map on my phone. We had caught a public bus towards our accomodation but got off the bus far too early. I then thought it was only a few minutes to our hotel, walking. We took the opportunity to stretch our legs after the flight…but we forgot about the hills (how could anyone forget about SanFran’s beautiful hills?!). Poor G ended up pushing our suitcases up over hills until we found our hotel. Anyway…

Rather than stay downtown, we decided to stay in the Mirena District and booked the relatively inexpensive Marina Inn. With only 7 minutes to walk to Fisherman’s Wharf, free Wi-Fi, free continental breakfast and cute rooms, at $250 for two nights, it was the perfect space. It is listed as only 2/3-stars, so I am convinced the hotel ratings in USA are less generous than here in Australia, because the hotel was clean, comfortable and nice!


Like with all holidays, by the time you get to the last few days you are exhausted and going home is bittersweet. We managed to find some delicious sandwiches, snacks and a few drinks and had them back in our hotel room and I somehow roped G into watching KUWTK with me.

The most noticeable thing was the temperature difference! I was laughing at the fact that only one week before, I had been head to toe in winter woolies and then after NYC, we were in singlets and thongs (flip-flops, not knickers).

On our last full day in SanFran, we decided to head back to Fisherman’s Wharf. We wanted to go back to Ghirardelli and buy some chocolates for our parents (yum!). We also decided to hunt down Lombard St and it was so worth the beautiful walk. The weather was gorgeous! We even finished our day with Clam Chowder at and also had a wander through Boudin’s Bakery. Boudin’s Bakery is a must-see, and their delicious traditional New-England style clam chowder served in a sourdough bowl – yum! DSC03191We made it back down to Pier 39, had ice-cream, bought a tonne of lollies to take home and bought gifts for our loved ones. Our last day was very relaxing, we were soaking up the newly-engaged bliss and walking around San-Fran’s beautiful streets and enjoying the weather.

Soon enough, our journey was over. It was time to head home. We had shared such an amazing holiday. We had planned this trip with one another for around a year, had worked really hard, saving every dollar we had for our experience. It was so worth it, and then some. SanFran & NYC will always be two of my favourite American cities and was so magical being able to experience it with the love of my life and to come home even more committed to one another!

It was time to go home and start saving for the next adventure, and to start Wedding planning!

Thank you for reading!

x C x


5 thoughts on “San Francisco – the end of our West to East Coast holiday <3

  1. I helped a friend push her suitcase through the streets of Auckland once but I wanted to give up soon after cos of the slopes so I can just imagine him having to push your luggages up and down the hills there…luckily for you, it was good weather unlike mine! Haha…but at least you had good weather to end off the holiday..are you planning on any others at the moment?


    1. Hi Sha!
      Oh my goodness the suitcase thing was hilarious. He didn’t complain, not once. He just took his and mine and started smashing the hills. A very good man!! We have had quite a few holidays since then and I am trying to get all of my adventures up to date on here :). Currently we are counting down for our big holiday planned for 12 months time – Scandinavia! How about you?


      1. Ooooh that’s a big trip coming up, sounds exciting…haha…I’m home bound for the next few months I’m afraid 😥 I’ll try to go somewhere end of the year but I haven’t decided where…hehe 😁

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, I am really looking forward to it. For now though, I need to enjoy my memories and blog – to try and forget the fact no more holidays for a year!!

          Liked by 1 person

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