Suitcase or Backpack? 🎒

So we have quite a while until our next big trip. We have hard-shell suitcases which are great for protecting our belongings and they’re really not too hard to transport. After all – G has pushed them all through San Fran, Sydney, Auckland, New York and Queenstown haha 😂- but we are wondering, should we get backpacks for our next trip?

We are going to smaller places. Probably with less pavements, more stairs and rockier roads. Is it worth investing in a backpack? What’s the best kind? 

It’s only for moving our stuff, we aren’t camping and we aren’t hiking to our destinations. 

We both already have Day packs – Black Wolf Fury 30L and Tsunami 35L – so they’re great for during the day. We just aren’t sure about our actual travel luggage. 

Any suggestions? Do you use a suitcase or a backpack? 


3 thoughts on “Suitcase or Backpack? 🎒

  1. I think if you’ve survived travelling through those countries with a suitcase, it should be fine to push through with one still. I prefer a backpack if I’m travelling through a few places, like the time I travelled through London, Paris and Edinburgh but I ended up buying so much things that I did buy a suitcase still by the end of my trip..hahaha

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