Pure Awkwardness

On one of our travel days in the mid-west we were driving from Madison/Milwaukee through to Sioux Falls, South Dakota – which is around a 6-7 hour drive. We had visited the Harley-Davidson Museum that morning so figured we had a decent drive ahead of us to get to Sioux Falls.

Unfortunately, around Chippewa Falls, our bus blew a tyre. So we had to pull over into the nearest car park. Which just so happened to be that of the Pure Pleasure Adult Entertainment Store (no, I sh*t you not).

We spent over three hours, in the carpark and out in the backlog of the adult store – waiting for the tyre to be fixed. It was hilarious. Who knew throwing pebbles onto a roof could turn into such an interesting way to pass time? Some people went inside and some of us stayed the hell out!

Travel….where sometimes the unexpected turns out to be some of the more memorable days.

All I know is once we got to Sioux Falls we had all had enough sun and mayhem to last a lifetime. Drinking games. Rising plastic cattle and consumption of pints of Ben & Jerry’s in a little college town 🙃.


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