Daydreaming on Daydream Island <3

CoastWhat do you do, when you have enough frequent flyer points to take a random, last minute trip up to the Whitsunday Islands? What a ridiculous question, you go to the Whitsunday Islands (bank balance starts crying…).

The poor Whitsunday’s and Daydream Island in particular were really slammed with Cyclone Debbie in April, 2017. Currently they are rebuilding but the damage was vast and a $65million refurbishment is in process currently. Our visit to Daydream was before the destruction of Debbie.


My best friend’s little sister was married on Daydream Island, it is an absolutely breathtaking little resort island, it measures 1km in length and 400m in its widest spot. It is not an island you go to for exploring, it is an island you go to for relaxation, a few cocktails and a swim. You can stay on the island but you don’t need to. You can take a ferry from anyone of the other islands, or even from Airlie Beach for around $50 return.

It isn’t open at the moment, due to the cyclone damage so not sure of the exact price anymore. There was a living reef on the island and the resort was very popular for weddings, which it will be again once she has been restored.IMG_9922 (1)

We travelled to Daydream Island last minute for our Easter Sunday because quite frankly, we needed some sun, needed a swim and had been watching far too many episodes of the Walking Dead.

Our ferry ride was excellent, anytime you can sit with the one you love, cruise through the beautiful Whitsunday’s and have a few beverages on the way to your destination, is a good day in my books!

We managed to score a perfect set-up right on the water, drank our cocktails and enjoyed our last day together (this was when G was up north for work and we were long-distance for a long while).

I think my favourite part about Daydream Island were the beautiful sirens out in the water, who doesn’t love a good mermaid? Unfortunately Cyclone Debbie washed them away during her fury, which, in terms of the catastrophic life-altering damage Debbie caused, is not overly serious. However it shows the magnitude of the Cyclone.

As a Whitsunday lover, I wish only the best to the area for its recovery from the Cyclone, I hope the recovery is successful, without our beautiful destinations – it has really hurt our tourism industry. Not just the industry, but many individual lives have been affected.

If there is anything I know for sure, it is that the spirit and heart of the Queenslander’s, particular of the Whitsunday coast is strong and dedicated. Debbie really hurt them and they rely on community and Government support to re-build. A lot of heart and dedication is shown by Queenslander’s and if you can support the tourism industry in anyway, please do!

Daydream Island may not be back up just yet, but the larger Islands in the Whitsunday’s, Airlie Beach and Bowen all have plenty on offer ⇊

x C x

3 thoughts on “Daydreaming on Daydream Island <3

  1. Have always wanted to visit Whitsundays, so awesome that you can just go on an impromptu trip there cos why not? I wish these places are closer to me so I can do the same…haha

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