Our Cheeky Sydney Trip in 48 hours.

IMG_0036_2 (1)The beauty of having amazing friends up and down the Eastern seaboard and overseas is that sometimes a regular birthday weekend catch-up can result in an express inter-state/overseas weekend!

Sydney is only an hour and a half by plane from Brisbane, so it makes it super easy to catch up with friends….if you can afford the airfares. Gone are our $79 one-way flights BNE-SYD, but if you book far enough ahead you can normally get flights for $99-$129 each way.


So, you ask – how can you spend 48 hours in Sydney? The answer, in many MANY MANY different ways. For me, my priorities are normally: seeing friends, enjoying some drinks, visiting the botanical gardens, soaking in the Opera House and Sydney harbour with my eyes and catching the Manly Ferry across to Manly for ice-cream :).

5pm – fly into Sydney from Brisbane, head out to Air BnB organised earlier…realise cannot check into Air BnB for some time as it is being cleaned, settle at pub – Coco Cubano down the street and enjoy happy hour drinks until BFFFF from Christchurch flies in. See Kochie (of Sunrise fame)…boyfriend shakes head in embarrassment at your fan-girl moment.


6.30pm – meet up with BFFFF, check into awkward Air BnB, where lady smoking charges $150 cash as a ‘cleaning fee’ and then puts you and your friends through the third degree about how many people are ‘really’ staying at the place for one night. Rude Air BnB host of rank little location (which is clearly filthy and not being cleaned to $150 quality after each stay) finally leaves after quizzing us all and after our other friend assures her that no, she won’t be sleeping there overnight and in fact, lives up the road. Just about kill yourselves using sh*t stairs of Air BnB and becoming stuck in the door ^^.


8pm – go out for overpriced drinks at Darling Harbour and then make excellent decision to go ten pin bowling. Get rowdy, drink far too much. Once again, forget that Friday was meant to be casual and in-fact, Saturday was meant to be the wild night out for friends birthday.

9am – wake up in Air BnB, pack bags – avoid shower because it looks like you might actually catch something from it. Amazing man has already been out and rescues Jem and I with coffee and pastries.

IMG_129510am – Follow partner on express walking tour around Sydney. You are hungover. Dreadful decision. Walk from Air BnB all the way through Kings Cross, admire iconic Coca Cola sign, walk to Mrs Macquarie’s chair, head towards Wooly Bay Hotel. Enjoy delicious dirty-street-pie at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Walk through Botanical Gardens and all the way down to the Opera House.

2pm – Beg partner to go on the Manly ferry – although he is a fierce anti-Northern beaches Sydney kinda guy. Win battle, take ferry – become horrendously sunburnt – walk to Ben & Jerry’s, enjoy mass-amounts of ice-cream. Be aggressively attacked by stupid seagulls whilst trying to take romantic picture with partner. Ge the sh*ts and-commence journey back to Darlinghurst.IMG_1314

4pm – Collect bags from Air BnB – attempt to avoid very weird, very strange, very odd Air BnB host. Grab taxi, race to Central Station, come across very odd street performance, man fighting a police officer with a thong and avoid people trying to scab smokes from you (you don’t have cigarettes), have minor thong blow out yourself – panic – fix thong. Make it to train on-time.

IMG_13095-6pm – Catch train from Central up to Hornsby – feel bad for the young couple with their brand new puppy (in secure puppy carrier) who are shamed via radio, by the train driver, through entire carriage and bullied off the carriage. Wish the drunken yobo at the front of the train making racist remarks and sneaking sips of beer was also kicked off train.

7pm – Arrive Hornby, enjoy amazing shower, get ready, have drinks and get ready to celebrate girlfriend’s 30th. Get to 30th, have mild sunstroke so abuse the bar-tab more than you should. Partner somehow ends up centre stage with girlfriend’s family members during celebration. Eat too many little cupcakes.

11pm – Catch taxi back to girlfriends house, partner forgets girlfriend’s parents are in taxi…long story short. Make it home.


1pm – Wake up, enjoy hungover snacks and drinks on deck of girlfriend’s house. The catch train back into Kings Cross. Follow boyfriend to Una’s Restaurant so he can get his Schnitzel and German beer fix.

3pm – Visit Gelato Messina. Visit heaven briefly.

5pm – Make journey back to airport – fly home.

8pm – Walk through front door, have shower – go to bed. Realise you are back at work in less than 12 hours.

DONE – Satisfying yet small trip to Sydney in a weekend!

What is your must-do when you go to Sydney?

x C x

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