Riverfire, Brisbane

Brisbane Riverfire is absolutely one of my favourite nights in the CBD, I like Riverfire much more than I like New Years Eve (way too much pressure to have a good night…).


Brisbane has an annual Riverfire decorates and enraptures the spirit of Brisbane for the better part of the month of September each year. The city explodes into colour, joy and celebration & Riverfire is the final night fireworks display – which has a different theme each year and lights up the sky beautifully.

I have spent Riverfire out at Southbank, watching it from New Farm Park. I’ve watched it from the top of a street in Camp Hill whilst scarfing down Cold Rock ice-cream shamefully in my car. We have watched it from Riverfire at Kangaroo Point (highly recommend!!) and we have also watched it from the top of Oaks Aurora in Brisbane city.

I have gone quite a few times, it is one of my Mother’s favourite events and to be honest, mine as well. When you live in Brisbane, it isn’t such an arduous task getting into the CBD to watch the fireworks. My Husband is originally from Sydney, so he finds it hilarious that I can become frustrated waiting in traffic for half an hour to get from our house to the city :).


IMG_0038These pictures were taken from Oaks Aurora and you will see the view was amazing! We were eye-level with the Army helicopters and RAAF Super Hornets (AMAZING!!), could watch the river fill up with boats ready for the show and also enjoy the fireworks, from above. All in the comfort of our own unit, with snacks and drinks and not needing to wear shoes (always a solid plus for me!).

Also – the views look like this! If I had any photoshopping skills, I would remove the balcony, but I don’t and I couldn’t get the tripod any closer…so there it is!

IMG_0051_2_8961My best spots to watch Riverfire from (plenty of time to prepare for 2018…):

  • South Bank
  • Kangaroo Point Cliffs
  • Wilson’s Lookout
  • City Riverwalk
  • Riverside / Eagle Street
  • Riverlife (you can buy their drinks and dinner package which is affordable and has a great environment, as well as breezy location on the river); and
  • If you are after the fireworks only and not too fussed about how close you are to the action – then find a high vantage point anywhere within 10km of the city and you will be able to enjoy the show!

IMG_0057 (1)

Where is your favourite place to see Fireworks?

x C x

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