My Melbourne in-a-day trip <3

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That’s the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place” – Elite Daily


One of my absolute nearest and dearest was having her baby shower about a month and a half ago, in Melbourne and there was no way I was going to be missing that! Unfortunately I was a bit time and $ poor, so couldn’t afford to go down and stay down. Luckily I found some pretty affordable flights, with the catch of it being a flight down to Melbourne at around 10am and a flight home around 7pm.IMG_2859

Can it be done? Absolutely First of all, you don’t need to pack anthing except your handbag, you don’t even need to pack make-up, because really – what you are wearing in the morning should really still be on your face by the time you leave to come home again!

Secondly, you can score a window seat. If, like me – you don’t need to get up to use the bathroom on the plane for a 2 hour flight then the window is perfect. Get your app going on your phone so you can watch complete nonsense mid-flight, read a book, have a nap – do whatever you like.

Thirdly, it is not too early to have a champagne on the plane, when heading to your first very best girlfriend’s babyshower, you celebrate with champagne! Champagne is also required, when you have been dieting like a mad-woman and spoil yourself with a  ham and cheese croissant ($10 thanks Brissie airport), which comes out as though its been involved in a bushfire. I still ate it though, it’s cheese and ham!IMG_2935

I saved time because my beautiful and very-pregnant gf picked me up with her gorgeous sister from the airport – laughing at my Queensland idiocy because it had been warm when I left home and was freezing when I made it to Melbourne!

K, L and I made our way to an amazing hot-chocolate coffee shop before the baby-shower…can you even imagine having a hot-chocolate store in Brisbane? It wouldn’t last! Yet Melbourne has 10+ chocolate and hot-chocolate specific places! We went to Mörk Chocolate Brew House, in North Melbourne. This place is divine! We had a little bit of a wait, but it was well worth it to experience the ‘Campfire’ – 70% dark hot chocolate served with Beechwood smoke (seriously, actual smoke in a glass), charcoal salt & toasted house-made marshmallow. It was delicious!

7752A7E4-E0B0-4FE0-9D01-9B1B8E03FBCCWe headed back to my gf’s house and it was nice to spend some time together just talking and getting excited about new bub’s impending arrival. When we made it to the baby shower, it was so beautiful seeing such an outpouring of love and generosity for my friend and her Husband – they are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and being so far away from them hurts. Knowing they are surrounded by so many incredible people and family members make it okay <3.

The baby shower was so beautiful, this was my first very close girlfriend to be welcoming a baby, which is a little unusual being we are in our 30’s – so it was such a blessing to be part of such a wonderful celebration. The food (catered by family members) was incredible, the company was amazing and the energy was pure love and happiness!

The baby shower was incredible, but before we knew it – it was time for me to head back to the airport, I panicked the entire way, I thought I had left it too late – however, I breezed through security, had time for another champagne and was on the plane heading back to my Husband, feeling a bit clucky mind-you!

Where is somewhere you have travelled just for a day?

P.S – My beautiful friend and her Husband welcomed a gorgeous little girl only a couple of weeks later. Welcome to the world little one!

x C x

3 thoughts on “My Melbourne in-a-day trip <3

  1. Awww, looks like it was worth the time and money spent to get there then. I would confess that I’ve kinda done something similar with one of my closest friends who was staying in Jakarta. I didn’t do it in one day although it was pretty much still just a one night stay with her. I did feel like I was being super indulgent though, to be spending money on short trips like that. Wouldn’t this be similar to the rich who can just nip over wherever they feel like going for the day? Hahahahaha

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