It is the season to sparkle! Day 2 – Sydney :)

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday morning we flew down to Sydney, how lucky we are to only have an hour and a bit to fly to Sydney! As we were heading to the airport, we realised we had left something at home and had to turn around (whoops!). Thanks to our amazing Uber driver who drove us all the way home to pick it up and head back to the airport!

Our flight was amazing, thanks Qantas for the delicious yoghurt and snacks and thanks to G who once again gave me the window seat (even though it was his 🙂 – that’s love <3.

IMG_7909We were welcomed by the most amazing Uber driver Ross, who took us in to Darlinghurst, excited to talk about his city and it’s Christmas pride :). Sydney has absolutely turned on the weather! It is gorgeous!

I spent the morning walking around Darlinghurst and admiring all of the amazing big and beautiful trees and wide streets. I then went to the Green Park Tavern and waited for G to return with a car. I did spot the Four Pillars Christmas gin which I am keen to try as well! Hopefully sometime this trip I can!IMG_7872

Our Air BnB has an amazing view and is right near King’s Cross – it’s large and my MIL has given us a Christmas tree and decorations so we can get a jump on decorating the place for the kids!

We hit the shops for food and some drinks and then two of my amazing girlfriends came over for some rooftop drinks. Far too many wheels of cheese, salmon, prosciutto and dips was consumed – and now we are solid Aldi converts! I think Natalie should probably get some of your shares though because she sold it!

IMG_7874By the end of the night we had the speaker on the roof, dancing to Apple’s ‘Party Hit’s and then singing along to Chicken Fried and there were some Spice Girls. At the end of the day, I spent my youth in the 90’s, with what I believe was some of the BEST music for basic white girl shenanigans on top of a roof, over looking somewhere amazing and drinking Rosé ;).

This morning we are doing last minute present wrapping, waiting to go do a K-Mart run for the rest of our Santa pressies (just to help the guy out, you know?) and then we pick the kids up!

Tonight we are going to the Sydney Observatory Night Tour and I am SOOOO excited! It is a two hour tour and we will be able to enjoy our beautiful Southern Sky, visit the planetarium and do a dome tour. I think it is going to be absolutely brilliant!

IMG_7908I hope to take the new camera out and really get a feel for it – new cameras are always hard for me to wrap my head around!

Wishing you all a lovely day, I hope you are all preparing for your Christmas and you have finally finished work for the week!

x C x

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