Sydney sunsets – the end of our Christmas holiday <3

On our second last night in Sydney we went out for a family meal, the kids picked China town and so we went to Marigold restaurant, it isn’t the cheapest Chinese in town, but it was wonderful to eat in a place with the big fish tank at the back, white tablecloths and the freshest, lightest and tastiest fried rice and honey chicken I have had in a long time!

After over-indulging in our meals, little R asked if we could walk home. This was pretty impressive, given we had had a lot of trouble convincing the kids to walk anywhere in such heat and with so many hills.

IMG_7868[1]We chose to walk down towards Circular Quay, through Martin Place and Pitt Street and enjoyed the left over Christmas decorations. Little C practiced her polaroids again and I was able to get some really lovely captures of the area.

Once we got to Circular Quay we had a look at the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge, all lit up with her beautiful lighting and enjoyed the ferries coming in and out of the area. We ended up calling it an early night, we were beyond exhausted at this point and it was dawning on us that our holiday was coming to an end.

IMG_7865[1]On our last day in Sydney, we took the kids into the original Commonwealth Bank so they could cash in their money box savings for the year – which was really exciting for them, until the bank charged them 10% to exchange their money for cash. It gave us a pretty good reason to discuss how banks work and prepare them for tax, rates etc.,

They both had some pretty good ideas on how to spend their money and they both actually wanted to open savings accounts which was music to our ears, given they are so young!

IMG_7866[1]We spent our last night in the Botanical Gardens for a BBQ and some ballgames with our friends and we also were able to enjoy the incredible weather and watch a Carnival cruise ship leave the harbour.

IMG_7872[1]All in all, Sydney was such a lovely break for the family and we enjoyed each and every day. We had spent months wondering whether or not we had enough money to participate in so many exciting activities but really, the best moments for most of us were when we were just laughing with one another and chatting on our walks.

We left with very happy hearts and a memory bank full of wonderful moments.

x C x

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