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Romance at the Onsen Hot Pools, Queenstown

IMG_0653Honeymoon’s are a tricky thing, how romantic do you go? Do you lay on the sap? Do you hole up somewhere with nothing but food and wine, cuddles and kisses? Do you try to be super active – climbing mountains, jumping out of planes etc.,? OR – do you just play it by ear? We did a little bit of both. I even went completely out of my comfort zone and booked a couples ticket to the Onsen Hot Pools. This seems like an amazing choice for most couples, romantic hot pools, steam, swimming, bubbling jets, sunset etc.,

Unless you hate baths. I think baths are just people soup pots. You sort of just soak in your own…weird hot water. What do you do? Just sit? Let your hands and toes get wrinkly? I don’t know. It’s not for me. I get hot and faint-y pretty easily. I also get bored, I also need to take a shower after a bath. I know it seems like I am whinging about something pretty small – I am. To be honest, in the past four years I have been in a still body of water twice. Once in the bath at our Honeymoon Air BnB and once at the Onsen Hot Pools. Both ended in crying tears and ugly laughing from the both of us!

fullsizeoutput_421bThe Onsen Hot Pools are located within a boutique spa with private cedar-lined hot pools overlooking the Shotover River – which is absolutely gorgeous! They are completely private and there is a change area and shower near the hot tubs. You have the ability to lift the retractable picture windows so you can look out of the Shotover River.

We had private transport to/from Queenstown as part of our ticket, which was wonderful. We ordered the ‘Onsen by Lantern Light’ which is available in the pools from sunset and the rooms are set up so beautifully with candle-lights around the room.

IMG_0606We also purchased the ‘Tandeki’ (Japanese word meaning indulgence) and it included towels, Gibbston Valley wines, chocolates and ice creams. This really made it extra romantic!

Sitting in the pools, overlooking the Shotover River was really nice, the temperature of the pools would be really nice for anyone who enjoys baths/spas but I ended up standing half-in, half-out because I can’t handle the heat ha-ha. At one point I was overwhelmed by the heat (I’m soft, what can I say) and I became faint and G hit the emergency cold-water button (designed to top up the pool and level the temperature of the water), but I happened to be sanding directly in front of it and copped a face full of streaming cold water – cue mass hilarity and laughter all around.

Look, it is a romantic place to be but I can’t say we had a romantic time due to heat sensitivity, human-bath awareness and the shot of water to the face. It is a beautiful place to visit and I highly recommend it if you are into romantic spa baths, actually it does not even need to be romantic because you can book up to three people in any one pool. Unless I have completely misinterpreted the purpose of that ;).

IMG_0644The price for two adults with the Tandeki package and the Queenstown pick-up cost us around $100 AUD, which I think was really worth it!

Onsen Hot Pools

Queenstown New Zealand Website


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