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Brisbane Heritage Trails <3

river queen flowers (1)
The Kookaburra Queen has been cruising the Brisbane River since 1986.

When you travel the world, you often do things you may not think to do at home. I find I walk a lot more when I am travelling, I explore on foot, I  like to find the best places to explore, the history of my location etc. When I found my Husband was exactly the same, it makes for fun adventures. We both love getting up early, smashing breakfast and heading out for the day with camera + backpack and a loose idea on where we are going and what we are in search of.

So what would happen when we tried to do the same thing back home in Brisbane? Walking was normally a source of exercise at home, also – what was there to explore in Brisbane?

It turns out there is a LOT! The Brisbane City Council has many Heritage Trails which they have put together, they are free and excellent resources which you can download and access offline (perfect for a free walking adventure!). There are 18 different heritage walking trails across our beautiful Brisbane. The two which we have done recently are the Classic City Centre Heritage trail and the Reflections on the River Trail.

Naldham HouseMy preference is to walk the trails, it is a fun way to get some exercise and get a good feel for the city, if you aren’t keen on walking – there are plenty of public transport options around the city which you may prefer. The reflections on the river trail starts at Customs House, weaves through to the City Botanic Hardens through to QUT Gardens Point Campus and then over to the Coal Wharves of Southbank. We then finished at Southbank. The beauty of this trail is that you can end in Southbank to a plethora of food options!

We took a backpack, some cash for coffee along the way, a couple of water bottles and apples and good walking shoes. We must have walked a good 10,000 steps by the end of it and really, the entire day only cost our coffees and our lunch we had over at Southbank – not a necessary expense, it was just something we shouted ourselves on the day.

It is possible to ‘do things’ in Brisbane without having a large budget to play with and it saves staying at home weekend and you can walk away with new found knowledge of our beautiful city!

Honestly, i cannot recommend doing this enough, you will walk away with a newfound appreciation for your city as well as knowledge you did not have before!

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