My tips for eco-Friendly travel in 2018

In 2018, it would be near-impossible to act as though you were unawares of the environmental damage we all cause from not only every day life, but in travel. Travel has so many wonderful rewards not only for yourself, but for the world. It increased tourism, throws money into the economy and teaches us the important of awareness and social action around the world.

pexels-photo-346885.jpegOn the other hands, we are all leaving our carbon footprint, the cost of planes, hotels, plastics and packaging, and the equivalent of human wear + tear, wherever we go. We have a lot to be responsible for. There are some people out there who have decided to no longer travel by plane, unfortunately this just is not an option for those of us in Australia. We are simply too far away from anything to not use planes.

Thankfully there are eco-friendly travel practices in place, some of which we can use in everyday life. TripAdvisor conducted a survey where it was found that nearly tw-thirds of travellers do intent to make more environmentally sound choices moving forward.

There are the more simple items, which (hopefully) we have all been practicing for some time. You can turn lights/fans/air conditioners off whenever you are not using them. Re-use your linen and towels, recycle where you can etc., What else can we do? How can we make a bigger impact? Here are my best tips.IMG_9876

Strap on those walking shoes. 

Where possible, explore your destination on foot. Not only will you discover other places, but you will be keeping yourself fit and helping the environment. Rather than taking taxis’, try the public transport system to get around. Every little bit helps, seriously.

Plastics & Papers

Did you know that there is not a single piece of plastic which has ever been made (ever, n history) which has decomposed as yet? Rather than buying and using several bottles a day – buy a reusable water and refill it where you can. Not all countries have drinkable water, so this is not always an option, but where you can, give it a shot!

pexels-photo-580871.jpegDon’t be a litter-bug

Look, I am sure you don’t litter. However, some people do and we can’t really change the minds of people who already disrespect our beautiful earth. We can however, make sure that we take nothing which was there before we got there, and leave nothing which came with us. If you can’t find a bin – that doesn’t mean Mother Earth should have tp cop your garbage. Take it with you until you can find a bin. While you’re at it – pick up any rubbish you see lying around. Every little thing you do for the environment helps!

Low-carbon activities

My favourite travel activity is photography, thankfully it leaves very little of an environmental impact. Activities set in nature and wich are low-carbon are not only good for you,  but good for the Earth!

IMG_4659Be Culturally aware

It is so important to just throw yourself into the social norms and customs of where you go. Live like the locals do and enjoy every minute!

Choosing places to stay

You can research places which are environmentally conscious. Pick a place which is locally owned, hires local people, have a recycling program? Does it encourage the reuse of towels and sheets? Are there energy efficient lighting or alternative energy sources? Make sure you play your part in conserving energy. Treat it like your own home. I know sometimes it is easy to get swept up in the “it’s not my place, so I am not paying for it” with “it” being air conditioning and electricity. Well, no – technically you are not paying for it, but our environment is!

If we all play our part and try to be as green as we can, we can all positively impact our  the environment around us.

IMG_6037If you would like to see how ‘green’ you are, Go Green and Travel Green .com have a quiz here Shades of Green Travel. (I was a Greener/Kelly Green traveler!).

Do you have any travel tips?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please ‘like’ or share the post so I can see!

Please note, I am not paid any sponsorships at all, I only ever talk about my own personal experiences and adventures, places and locations which I love and think you will too!

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