The Clever Guts Diet & Me! – Week 1

acs_0115‘Guts’ has to be one of the most off-putting words there is, don’t you think?! Today is a Lifestyle blog (or a microblog really), I wanted to share with you a new eating plan/diet reset approach I am taking for the coming few weeks.

G and I are heading off on our trip of a LIFETIME in a mere 104 days and quite frankly, I have once again failed to utilise the many (and I mean many) months I had to try and get my health & fitness up and even possibly lose a dress size ahead of this trip.

So…here we are, three and a bit months out from the trip and I feel awful. My skin is terrible, my moods were crashing, I was lethargic all of the time, I was constantly craving awful food and I was so bloated I looked and felt a little like this…

brown primate hanging on tree
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Now, I am no novice when it comes to eating plans and changing things up. I really struggle with hormones and weight loss so I have tried it all (except for medication because quite frankly, I am not really open to the idea of using what is effectively speed, for weight loss purposes).

My friend had mentioned to me The Clever Guts Diet by BBC’s Dr Michael Mosley. I had every intention of looking at the book and the diet six months ago but then life happens and you become 30% soft cheese and 28% wine and before you know it, you’ve completely lost self-control (and if I am honest, a fair chunk of self-respect!).

So the week before last I cracked the book open and read it cover to cover. This was amazing because I had no idea how much detail and intelligence there was to our guts! This was also awful because I don’t think I ever needed to visualise how much detail and intelligence there was to our guts *shudders*. Dr Mosley was the mastermind behind The Fast Diet and The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet. He explains that your gut is the home of your “second brain” (creepy, right?). Your gut is the home to your microbiome, which Dr Mosley explains as an ‘army of tiny organisms that influence your mood, your immune system, and even your appetite’.

appetizing cook cooked cooking
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On Monday I had: pumpkin porridge, two boiled eggs, baked rainbow ratatouille, home made hummus with carrot sticks and for dinner I had Goan Fish Curry with Seaweed. I did not crave sugar once all day which is phenomenally out of character!

Tuesday was: cashew and banana pot, two boiled eggs, Caribbean Coconut & Vegetable Curry, homemade hummus with carrot sticks and for dinner we ate Kashmiri Chicken Curry. Again, no cravings, no stroppiness and no hunger.

Wednesday was: a kiwi and chia seed smoothie, pumpkin porridge, homemade hummus and carrot sticks and for dinner I ate my chicken goujons and a few discarded strips of mozarella cheese I had cut from the pre-dipped/pre-cooked mozarella sticks for my Hubby. Wednesday was the killer because it was Origin night, we were with friends and there was food galore. Including cake. I love cake. I did stay strong however!

sliced boiled egg on white plate
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Thursday was the same as Thursday except for dinner I made a healthy pumpkin soup, ate the rest of my Chicken Goujons and my hubby had glorious looking crusty white bread. Which surprisingly I didn’t go for!

So. Today is Friday. I have unfortunately work as I have caught another cold for the year. I have done my groceries online to avoid temptation and am looking forward to my next week of healthy clever guts eating!

x C x

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