Sweet as…the Brisbane Dessert Festival


The Sweet as Brisbane Dessert Festival occurred on Sunday 3 June and provided all Brisbane-ites with their very own festival dedicated to all things sweet!

The World Food Markets (a group of twenty-or-so delicious catering vans) came together to sprinkle our little corner of the world of South Brisbane with chocolate, cakes, sugar-loaded candy, ice-cream and a few savoury options, just to break it all up!

From our wander around I was close to  experiencing whiplash, trying to look at all of the delectable goodness which was surrounding me! There were events throughout the day, we missed the kids ice-cream eating competition which I am sure would have been brilliant!


Like most events around Brisbane, there was the option to buy tickets online, ahead of time and save some $. I think I paid around $11AUD, with the booking fee and the tickets at the gate were around $15. Early release tickets were under $10, so if you do have the chance to book online, try to do so when there is an early release (and save yourself some cash for delicious treats!).

I met up with a wonderful woman, Krista, whom I met on Instagram. Another Brisbane girl who is an absolute delight to be around. We met through #teamkaptainkenny, which is honestly one of the most supportive groups of people online. Krista and I, both mad Brissie lovers have decided we are going to try and showcase our beautiful corner of the world through #ourseqld.

The project is in its baby-stages so far and at this stage I am not sure how well it is going to do. What I do know though, is that we are both dedicated and motivated and at 32 years old, I now realise that there is no shame in failure or in things not working out. The biggest regrets I have so far in my life, are opportunities I didn’t go for, didn’t try or was too scared to risk my safety-net in doing (which is ridiculous because rarely does stepping out of your comfort zone result in physical harm!).

We headed to the Fish Lane precinct, which is in West End / South Brisbane and has some really amazing street art. Wishing you all an incredible Tuesday! Until next time :).

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