How I stay motivated to keep fit in winter

“Summer bodies are made in the winter” – EVERY GYM AROUND THE WORLD…*gross*

Okay, that’s great but how do I get myself to exercise when it is cold and dark? I want to become one with my bed and stay there for three months. I want to crawl out of bed at the last minute possible to make my bus and when I get home at night after work, I have high expectations of being in front of my t.v, with a red wine and my mermaid blanket wrapped around me.

pexels-photo-287240.jpegSo, it comes as quite a shock, where I go from waking with the birds at 5am, sweating and with the sunshine beaming through my window during Brisbane Summer – to hearing what I assume is a raid-siren going off at 4:20am. In the dark. Panicked. To realise that it is my Husband’s phone alarm. We are going to the gym.

Um. No, we are not.

It is freezing, it is dark. If I turn the bedroom lights on, I will absolutely experience what can only be described as a lens-flare, no doubt resulting in permanent vision loss! Disclaimer: my emotional over-exaggeration when I am tired is #extra. I am NOT sorry for this.

I get to gym at 4.45am. I’ve convinced myself that I am a fit goddess, this gym will be mine for the taking, who else could have possible achieved such a feat on a Monday?Turns out many, many people. The gym is obscurely packed, my brain can’t really make sense of it. I don’t understand, these people are social and awake?!

So before this post turns into the anti-gym motivational kind, here are five tips which I have found are working for me. After all as of tomorrow we head into week 4 of this new healthy lifestyle and with only 83 days to go until our big trip, I need to keep it up!

  • Food Prep

You may think it is easier to tackle either the food or exercise part independent to the other, however – you will find that your motivation is through the roof when committing to both at the same time. I find that I am more committed to healthy eating and exercise when I wake up on Monday and know that all of my food is prepared and ready to go.IMG_8291

  • Prepare your gear the night before

When I am feeling particularly committal, I make sure I have my clothes set out the night before. I am not even a little bit ashamed to admit that I have gone to bed in my exercise gear the night before, that way you just need to roll out of bed, put your shoes on, brush your teeth and head out. Also – please don’t be that person at the gym who has not brushed their teeth. Gross.body sock

  • Go at your own pace

I have learnt through my last 15 years of yo-yo fitness (and non-committal attitude) with a splash of quitters mentality, that I need to go at my own pace. I do not need to reach a certain fitness standard within a certain time period. Some days I will do 60 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weights. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I sit on the exercise bike and pretend my tears are sweat. It’s the little things.

adult athlete body bodybuilding
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  • Music

Make sure your playlist is something that is going to motivate you and get you going. Trust me on this one, without your music it is just a room full of grunting and heavy breathing (no thanks). Also, I don’t know about you, but gym versions of music are some of the most disappointing things I have ever heard. Have you ever done a spin class to the gym version of Bangarang or Since You’ve Been Gone? It will make your soul cry.

black headphones with mobile smartphone
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  • Create a Routine

I do this not only with my exercise (wake up and leave the house at the same time), but also with the end of my workout. Rather than heading straight home and getting ready for work, my Husband and I now finish at the gym and then go and get our morning coffee together. It seems like something small, but that little routine has helped get up in the morning. If knowing there is a delicious coffee at the end of it, is what gets me out of bed then I am all for it.IMG_9890 (1)Ultimately I make it 70% of the time my Husband goes. Some days it just is not happening and I refuse to feel bad about this. We tried the gym after work, but we both frequently work late, so that ends up with a lot of canned exercise attempts. The morning’s suck. There is nothing pleasurable about them, but in saying that, despite falling asleep at my desk around 2pm, the gym is done. I have worked out for the day and no longer have to feel guilty when I get home.

What tips do you have? What keeps you motivated? I would love to know!

x C x

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