My Hypoxi Experience – Day 1, Week 1

It’s 6:30am and I’m onto my second programmed session at my local Hypoxi studio. I came for my trial last Thursday and decided to purchase a package. Hypoxi is a low-impact exercise and has been developed to burn stubborn fat and reduce cellulite. It was developed by an Austrian sports scientist, Dr Norbert Egger in 1997 and was established in Australia in 2005. Multiple independent studies have been performed into the benefits of Hypoxi and the results are there, with those undertaking Hypoxi achieving an average of 3 times higher loss in circumference in the area around the lower body,

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I’ve heard about Hypoxi for years now and have always wanted to try it. I’ve been mindful of the cost as it is not cheap. However with every failed diet, gym program and every other supplement, app, training session and boot camp which I’ve also forked money out for, it seems like this is worth the investment. Here is an article put together by Sasha Melnik (August, 2017) 9 Reasons why Hypoxi is right for you!

I’ve tried most forms of exercise, pretty much every eating program and even though I may experience small results, they are often short-lived. I retain water like a camel and whilst I used to be considered to be a “pear” shape, that’s pretty much morphed into a butternut pumpkin.

For years I thought maybe it was a hormonal thing. It didn’t make sense to not lose weight and/or cm’s whilst eating well and exercising, off the booze, sugar free etc. Yet I would be lucky to shift 5kg in as many months. I am not a small person. This is not the last 5kg I was thing to move. This was the first. I stand at 5″9 and am 100kg+. At my happiest and healthiest I was mid-80’s with really good muscle tone. That was five years ago.

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I’ve had my food tolerances tested, my thyroid tested, all of my hormones. I’ve seen nutritionists and Doctors, Exercise Physicians, Psychologists, PT’s, holistic practitioners – the lot. Everyone offers more or less the same advice. Don’t eat sugar. Don’t have soft drink. No more take away. It seems to be the easiest go-to, looking at me. Then when I explain I eat really well and have very good portion control and dietary understanding they assume I’m not trying hard enough at the gym.

It’s confusing. It’s hard to think that this size is my body’s new “normal”. I don’t want it to be. I’m not comfortable and I am not healthy.I set about eating completely clean, drinking only water and taking the diuretics – I dropped 10kg pretty quickly. That was without exercise. So it became glaringly obvious that I hike a hell of a lot of water (I really am like a human cucumber but with anxiety).The science is there. It is backed by science, there are real results.

As I’ve written this, I’ve reached half-way on my L250 session (30 minutes in total). My wonderful consultant Bec has recommended both the Hypoxidermology and the L250 for my program, to assist not only with uneven skin tone, water retention and cellulite but also with the fat deposits around my stomach, thighs and backside. I am really hopeful that I too will have positive results.I plan on sticking to my usual cardio during the week, my healthy eating and the occasional wine and treat meal. It’s too hard for me to go all-in, I end up binging or taking weeks off and really, this has been too big of an investment to be giving up!

My Husband and I are heading off on a 5 week adventure at the end of September. So that’s in less than three months. I would really love to have noticeable results by then. I will try to have 2 or 3 other cardio/toning sessions during the week in addition to my three Hypoxi sessions and at the end of my purchased program (8 weeks), I hope to have noticeable results!

You can grab your free session with Hypoxi on the following link:

What training and or eating plan do you swear by?

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