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My favourite Camera Gear

Picking your photographic gear, is like picking a car. It is deeply personal. I remember saving for the Canon IXY DIGITAL 320 (2002), I had been going through two or three rolls of film a month and on my part-time Woolies deli wage, that just could not keep up.

So Christmas 2004 I skipped off to Harvey Norman and bought my brand new camera, the printer to go along with it and immediately started with it. In 2004, these were the specs of my first digital camera, which cost me, I think around $500 (possibly more):

3.20 Megapixels * 5.33 x 4mm Sensor * 2x Optical Zoom * ISO: Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400 * Min Shutter speed: 15 sec. My current love, ‘Dotty’ (my Canon EOS 80D) just for a small comparison to the above has the same specs of: 24.20 megapixels * 22.3 x 14.9mm Sensor * Digital zoom * ISO: Auto – 51200) * Min Shutter speed: 30 sec.

Safe to say, there is a noticeable difference, but one would expect that with 14 years difference! Before I purchased Dotty just before Christmas last year, I was the proud owner of Betty, a Canon EOS 550D with only the lens kit it came with, and she was my trusted Camera for eight long years and I cried actual tears when she stopped working.


My current (every-day) gear includes: my Canon EOS 80D, a 24mm pancake lens, standard 18-55mm lens and my new toy, a 16-35mm lens. I bought my camera strap from Etsy years ago and I love it.

I also have two polarising filters, one for my 24mm pancake and one for my 16-35mm lenses.

I have not included all of my gear, but since I started to really utilising my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages I figured I would show the everyday gear I have.Camera House is where I have bought a fair chunk of my gear over the years and I have included the catalogue for them here.

-What do you use? 🙂

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