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Travel Diary (Day 3) – London to Paris

La vie est belle – Life is beautiful ❤

We woke up in our lovely little room in Kensington and decided to get a walk in through the gardens and to get breakfast at Dishoom, which was every bit as amazing as we had heard!

Kensington Gardens are some of the cleanest and loveliest areas I have ever seen, what took us by surprise though, was there was hardly anyone around until around 10am. Perhaps the Brits have it sorted and prefer to sleep in, rather than all of that seize the day rubbish.

When we were walking through the gardens we came across the Sunken Garden which was absolutely gorgeous.

Dishoom was recommended to me by the babes over at #teamkaptainkenny and once I floated the idea of a bacon & egg naan by Grant, the decision was pretty well made! The service was great, the restaurant beautiful and the food incredible for really reasonable prices as well. I highly recommend it!

After breakfast we wandered back to our hotel, totally in awe of the beauty which is Kensington. We certainly seemed out-of-place on the subway, I think just in general, given our size we attract a lot of attention – throw on 40kg worth of luggage between the two of us and you have quite the spectacle! Loading ourselves up with our giant backpacks, all I could think of was that we looked like this:

pic by Pål-Kristian Hamre (Flickr)

We made it to St Pancras (mayhem), got through customs, had several run-ins with people who try to push in. When you are 150% your body weight with gear, and you’ve already been waiting 20 minutes to get through the gate, I am sorry I don’t care how old/cute/non-english speaking you are, you can wait your bloody turn.

G & and I were pretty stoked that we got to get a stamp in our passport, it so rarely happens these days that we are just carrying around these big empty passports without any recorded memories :(. We made it through to the bar area and a lovely older couple started a conversation with us (again our height and the size of our packs brough the conversation on). G on the other hand was waiting to buy a wine and a beer for several minutes behind one guy who managed to turn a comment about whether or not the croissants in the window were stale into a two-minute debacle.

We started to really become quite self-conscious by the staring, also by nature – when I am stared at, or someone looks me in the face, I smile at them. You know, like your normal, run-of-the-mill, non-psychopath. Well it turns out that there are plenty of people who do NOT respond in the same way. I saw more stink-face and total-contempt on people’s faces in that hour whilst we were waiting for our train than I have in weeks. Is smiling that hard?

Once we were on the train we were good to go, we had drinks in our bags, snacks left over from our international flight (anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with cacao almonds from Woolies!) and we had music. It is around 500km from St Pancras through to Paris and we left around 12:30 and arrived around quarter to 4pm which was pretty much perfect timing!

Thank you goddess of travel for the invention of Uber, because given our limited French we would have been absolutely stuffed trying to get to our hotel! A near 30 minute Uber ride cost us less than $20AUD to get us to Hotel Chambellan Morgane, where we had booked in for two nights. My parents had stayed there a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it, so our booking came on their recommendation (we were not disappointed).

We dropped our bags, had a quick outfit change and decided to go for a stroll. The weather was pretty shocking but it didn’t matter, we were in Paris!!! We walked from Rue Kepler, through to the Arc de Triomphe (which from our hotel was only 900m), then we walked to Pont Alexandre III, which is an ornate, late 19th century arched bridge in a Beaux-Arts style and named after a Russian czar. This bridge is something else, unfortunately the wind/rain/every spare leaf in Paris was being whipped into a frenzy so we didn’t stick around for too long.We felt sorry for the several newly married couples trying to get their wedding shots at the time!

We then went walking along the Seine and headed back towards our hotel, stopping for an amazing dinner at Villa Sophia, which was so close to our hotel that we couldn’t say no. A bottle of Bordeaux, a mozzarella salad, lasagna, cheesy pasta dish and gelato later, we were done for the night.

So that was our first half-day in Paris! We had made it in one piece and as the days went by, we started to feel more and more on holiday – life is pretty damned good.

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