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Travel Diary (Day 6) – Paris to Copenhagen

Day 6 – Tuesday 25/9

Today was the day we were to say aurevoir to Paris, as sad as it was we were incredibly excited to start the next leg of our adventure. Initially the morning did not start out well. We may or may not have over-indulged in the red wine on our dinner cruise the night before. So to wake up, pack our bags and get out and going was much harder than it should be.

Once we were packed and loaded to the high-heavens (why the hell have I packed so many things?!!), it was time to head to the metro station. Naturally the metro we needed had serious delays so we thought about catching the local bus. Then we realised that I’m horribly poor planning we didn’t have any cash to buy tickets (because, idiots). So we walked 500m the WRONG way, because our internet is deadset out to ruin our lives (seems dramatic, but remember = wine flu), then we turned around and walked the other way. Then we got off at the right stop to catch the bus that goes directly to the airport. Of course on the wrong side of the Arc de Triomphe, which meant legging it the other way. Then we horribly, terribly, inexcusably asked the bus driver if we were at the wrong one. This question caused the type of offence you would think would occur if you kicked someone’s dog or spat on their bus. He yelled at us in French and indicated we should basically piss off. To be fair, G spoke French really well when he asked the question. So, go figure. Maybe he had wine flu as well (or was an a-hole). The next bus driver was lovely and told us to move one bus stop down (old mate cranky pants had told us to walk around the corner, so he’s a jerk).

Regardless, we made it to the airport and might I say, these European airports have got this check-in situation SORTED. For someone who likes a smooth check-in, having the ability to pretty much do the entire thing on my own – is total travel bliss. Charles de Gaulle airport is really cool, it reminds me of a museum, all of these different tunnels and escalators weaving in and out from each other.

Once we got to our gate, I awkwardly made myself the table mate of a man who was sort of kind of hogging all the power-points. It must have been interesting watching this non-French speaking human pull out around 12 cables and plug in every single digital appliance known to man and get to charging!

G came back with chocolate croissants the size of our heads and two gigantic coffees. Hello wine-flu cure! Our flight from Paris to Copenhagen was around two hours. Luggage pick-up was cruiser and we were out of the airport within half an hour. What’s crazy is this whole non-boarded situation, it seems such a waste having to buy a 50-something page Passport only to get two stamps!

We bought a two-day travel pass for our stay, because we knew it was the best value for money. We had so many grand plans for Copenhagen, such limited time BUT, I was quickly crashing from some germ I had picked up from somewhere. We caught a Taxi to our hotel as Uber does not exist in Copenhagen (how reliant on Uber’s we have become for clear instructions, despite any language complexities!). Once we made it to our accomodation, we quickly found out what the meaning of a hostel is. Upon check in, we paid for a laundry room card, were given a couple of bags of sheets and towels and we were on our way. The view was spectacular, but after our luscious stays in Paris, the bare-bones hostel style was somewhat shocking. Once the bed was made, I was out. I slept from 3pm until the next day. So poor G was left to his own divides. Props to him though, he went out and wandered and got a feel for the place. I’m just sorry I missed it. My body desperately needed that sleep though. Apparently I slept/snored and tossed around like a demon-possessed freak for the night, but I think it helped.

Unfortunately, I did not really make the best of our time in Copenhagen for day one, but we made it, illness sometimes happens when you travel, and with a month ahead of us, I needed to just miss our a bit and let my body do its thing.

We made it to Copenhagen!

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