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Travel Diary (Day 9) – Faroe Islands

IMG_6031This morning I woke up to my gorgeous Husband telling me that sunrise would be within the hour and although we were both tired, it would be an absolute shame to miss it. It took a while to get going, but with our Frank Green Eco-Cups (to see this incredible range click here & at the moment it is $7 flat-rate Aussie shipping), at the ready and Kathmandu jackets good to go, getting out that front door was easier than I would have expected!

It was incredibly early and the sky was beginning to flash her pink tones, so without certain knowledge of the area, we headed to the highest point we could before the sun rose. The wind and the temperature of it in the Faroe Islands are unlike anything I have experienced before. When you take into consideration its coordinates 61.8926° N, 6.9118° W and its average temperature of 7° to 10° during the month in which we were there, as well as 30km winds, then it is only expected to be cold. I have tot ell you though, it was worth it – here are some of our shots from our early morning.

Once we made it back to our Air BnB, completely blown-away by the beautiful sunrise over Tórshavn we had witnessed, it was time for breakfast (toast & coffee) and to map out an action plan for the day. We made our way from Tórshavn through to Viðoy, where we first able to stop and have a look around. Driving through those tunnells is abslutely wild in the Faroe Islands, I have my Husband to thank for making it through, beause I 100% would have freaked out driving through those lowly-lit one-lane tunnel for km’s on end!

Our journey toViðoy was around an hour and a half (with a few stops) it was our most far away destination for our stay so we really wanted to knock it out the first day. The weather was being kind to us, it was incredibly windy and raining on and off but then we would have these incredible bursts of sunshine, which is quite rare given the time of year! The drive from on side of Viðoy to the other is just amazing, the cliffs coming out of the sea in the Faroe’s, commanding attention is something I will not soon forget.

We ate our packed sandwiches, enjoyed the view and then drove around to visit the Viðareiði Church, it is located in one of the most beautifully scenic locations I have ever seen and it has an amazing history to it. Viðareiði is the northernmost settlement of the Faroe Islands, so it felt really special to be able to visit such a place. It sits on the ocean, facing the fierce winds and has behind it a lovely village. To the north, Mount Villingdalsfjall rises over 844 meters (2,769 ft) from the water and it provides an astronomical background to the area. The church itself is rich with history. In the 17th century it was destroyed by a storm, it is said that part of the cemetery was washed away by the sea and that the coffins were recovered in Hvannasund and reburied. The church which stands on the land currently was constructed in 1892 and the silver was a gift from the British government, thanking the Viðareiði citizens for their assistance in saving the brig Marwood, which was shipwrecked in the are in 1847.


We had another beautiful, cold, scenic and jaw-dropping drive back to our Air BnB, had potato gems for dinner, drank wine and whiskey and cuddled on the couch. I think we may have even watched a horror movie, it was so typically us. To do something so calm and relaxed and ‘normal’ after experiencing something so astronomically beautiful!

Tomorrow was a new day and we had mapped out some big-ticket attractions for it!

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