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How to beat jet-lag

You don’t.

All the melatonin, pressure points, cardio, water, re-setting your watch, sleeping in-line with your destination does NOTHING.

Your body is tricky, it knows you have failed it. Your body knows you have taken it away from an amazing holiday and brought it home – in cattle-class. Your body knows how many wines you had, it remembers the sound and smell of the three babies that were two rows ahead of you. It is well-aware you have unpacked your suitcase.

It even knows you are sending it back to work – so no, you cannot beat it. You are denying it it’s eating-drinking-exploring days.

If your body wants to nap, nap. If it wants 3L of diet coke, give it to it. If it wants to get up at 6am and act like a crazy-active person for five hours and then crash like you’ve ran a marathon, like Jim Carey in Yes Man, then go with it.

Mourn together. Then when you are ready, plan your next holiday.

Also maybe go to the gym.

Eat a vegetable.

You do you.

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