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Nauseous, sweaty & puffy – month 2 ♡

I found out I was pregnant in month two of my pregnancy, right before our family trip to Bali! For the first half of our trip I felt tired and hot. Bali in Summer was always going to be unpleasant, but my body acting as it’s own furnace made it much, much worse!

During our last few days of Bali I contracted what I thought was a cold, but once I was home it pretty quickly became apparent I had Influenza. It absolutely destroyed me (on top of the pregnancy nausea), and I was so glad we were over the active part of our holiday and I could lay down!

I think given I was so sick, it is hard to tell what was pregnancy and what was the flu – but the signs and symptoms I did have were: swollen/tender boobs, fatigue, nausea (without vomiting) and headaches. On our last day we drove from Ubud back to the Bali airport for our flight home and it was the most intense nausea I had experienced yet. That 40 minute drive on windy roads, with a tap-happy braker, really tested me!

The second half of the second month was not good. I felt both drunk and hungover at the same time, all of the time. I also had flashbacks to that time I had vertigo. The nausea was unrelenting, if I moved too quickly (or if I moved at all), the waves of nausea would completely take over.

Basically my appearance for the first trimester resembled this ↙


Week 8 I had bleeding, which meant a trip to the hospital and I was told that I was experiencing a threatened miscarriage. I knew that having a miscarriage was always possible, and it terrified me. What made it even scarier was the fact that there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I just had to ride it out and hope for the best.

From a personal perspective I switched back to eating meat around week 8, I had been vegetarian for a year. I was struggling with food and felt fatigued and unwell. Despite supplements, I made the decision to go back to eating meat a few times a week. This wasn’t a medical choice, it was a personal choice and even if it was for my own mental wellness then I was happy with my choice.

Week 9 was my first appointment with my OB, and running through all of the initial information was exciting but made it all so phenomenally real. It was when I had my ultrasound and saw our tiny little baby dancing and grooving on the screen that my heart exploded! Especially after having nearly lost the pregnancy just the week before. It was dancing like a little care bear and looked just like a chicos baby lolly…

Week 10 I went for my first full ultrasound and G and I saw our little babe on screen and saw that it’s size was bang-on with my expected due date. It was getting hard to believe that I had almost reached the end of my first trimester!

I had started to see the tiniest of baby bumps, I knew that I had an anterior placenta which is known to stop your baby bump from ‘popping’ as early as others. I also am quite tall (average legs but long torso), so I was a little excited when I could see a noticeable little bump.

I couldn’t sleep because of insomnia as well as a wild-resurgence of my restless leg syndrome. So that was fun. Nausea, sweaty, swollen, sore boobs and the inability to stop my legs from moving. In the darkest hours of night I just kept thinking how do I survive this for another 7 months?!

The only things that helped with my all-day nausea (and I mean helped minimally, certainly didn’t stop it) was ginger (tea, ginger beer, crystallised, kombucha), and watermelon. The only thing I could manage to eat was fruit – mostly watermelon. I found that the smell of mint or menthol helped as well!

Oh and ice-cold water, and drinking it slowly. Honestly without ice-cold water I would have been in trouble. I also couldn’t stomach coffee or tea during the second month. I was even struggling with Diet Coke, which is absolutely my favourite beverage of all time.

Overall it was definitely a month of noticeable change, and some pretty debilitating side-effects, but seeing the very subtle changes and looking at my ultrasound pictures definitely made it that little easier (and all of the ginger, watermelon and cold water!).

Month two of pregnancy signs/symptoms :

  • Nausea – yes+++++
  • Bloating – yes+++
  • Sleep problems / insomnia – yes++++
  • Tender/swollen breasts – yes++++
  • Fatigue – yes+++
  • Moodiness – not really+

Tell me, what was/is your month two of pregnancy like?

Courtney x

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The Freebie – month 1 ♡

Month one of your pregnancy is kind of a freebie, isn’t it? For most of us, you don’t realise you are pregnant and even though by the time your missed period happens you are considered to be a month pregnant, technically it is 2 weeks or less.

Christmas was with my in-laws interstate and we had both worked up until Christmas Eve and knowing that we had a week down in Sydney to just relax and celebrate was the only thing pulling us through.

Christmas Day was a blast and normally once the presents and formalities are out of the way, it’s wine-time. I had one glass of prosecco and felt off. At the time I felt kind of ripped off because I was vegetarian and thought how is it I have food poisoning from salad?! I remember having to lie down with the sweats (not unusual during an Australian summer), but felt so terribly off.

Christmas turned into a water-drinking affair and a pretty solid nap. Again, it had been a long lead up to Christmas, work had been crazy and it was hot – so I didn’t think too much of it.

I stayed off for the rest of our trip interstate and figured I was coming down with smomething.

It turns out I was in the very early stages of pregnancy!

So, to quickly summarise what your ‘standard’ or ‘typical’ pregnancy signs and symptoms are for month one:

  • Acute sense of smell
  • Need to wee more often
  • Spotting
  • Nausea
  • Metallic taste

I’ve always been part-wolf when it comes to my sense of smell so I didn’t notice a huge difference there. I also drink heaps of water, so couldn’t see a noticeable difference there.

I also had spotting the day before my period was due, which is phenomenally normal for me. When I saw that I figured I was going to get a negative pregnancy test. I also experienced the nausea on Christmas Day and for the rest of the month, but I also really struggle in the best.

So taking all of that into consideration, on paper – I really didn’t expect to see those two pink lines, but here we are and I couldn’t be happier ♡♡♡.

Like I’ve said, month one really does feel like a freebie, but since this little babe was planned things I did before and during month one were:

  • avoided alcohol & cigarettes for the most part (a few cheeky champagnes over that crazy Christmas period – before I knew I was pregnant
  • spoke with my GP and let him know what my plans were
  • started taking Elevit as my multi-vitamin

Courtney ♡