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Honningsvåg, the North Cape, fish ice-cream & the Aurora Borealis

Day 20 – Tuesday 9/10

Each morning we woke up, to the slow rattle and roll of our beautiful ship, the MS Kong Harald pulling into port, we knew another incredible adventure was ahead of us. We chose to travel in Autumn, so the fact we had seen as much snow as what we had, was incredible. There were many hours where we would lay sideways in our bed and just stare out of our window, completely amazed by what we were looking at.

EUROPE - 7270It was hard to believe we had already reached day 5 of our trip. It seemed that this amazing adventure we had waited so long for, was going past so quickly. We wanted to embrace each and every moment and with relative whiplash looking from one side of Norway to the other, our eyes were drunk with beauty.

EUROPE - 6657

Today was the day we would get to visit the North Cape, Nordkapp – the beautiful home to Honningsvåg. As awful as this is going to sound, the relief we felt when we were able to get off the ship and board an English-speaking bus away from the mass population of incredibly rude, pushy, eyes-for-Christmas people we had spent nearly a week within our small quarters, was invigorating!

Honestly, I think we had the best tour guide, he was so passionate and absolutely nothing on this Earth grabs my interest and inspires me than learning about a place from a local with stars in their eyes. It reminds me that although some people think that taking tours is not ‘authentic’ enough, I disagree with you completely. Having someone who loves where they are from, enough to share it with you is the epitome of travel and experience, really absorbing the location you are in.

EUROPE - 7349

Nordkapp sits at latitude 71°10’21” N and safe to say it is the furthermost North I have ever been, or am likely to ever go! We knew that in terms of tourism, this particular location is known as a tourist trap, and it is expensive but it is beautiful. As I write this, I can see my beautiful Sami-made Christmas decoration on my tree and I have absolutely no issues with the cost we faced to visit this place. It was AMAZING. Our bus trip was around 30-45 minutes up the mountain to the visitor’s centre. We were still completely blown away to see snow wherever we looked.

Nordkapp was eye-opening and I would have loved to have spent more time in the Sami-district, but seeing as we only had a day in the area, that unfortunately was not an option. Grant and I made our way away from the crowd when we got off the bus – heading straight out to the point and avoiding the visitor centre and the actual monument. With hundreds of people up there, we preferred to enjoy the beautiful view, have a view moments without interruption and avoid the reality that it was definitely a tourist butterfly-net. It was worth it, completely. It was completely overwhelming to realise where we were, what we were experiencing and to try and imagine all of the people before us over hundreds of years who had visited the area.

We only had a short time in Nordkapp but I can honestly say, that as we exited the bus and headed back towards the ship, I was really dreading leaving such a beautiful place, the most northern place I had ever been to and one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. I think our kisses at the most northern point of Europe would stay with us for quite a while!

EUROPE - 6669This was also a pretty terrible day to realise that although my boots were great for hiking, they were 100% inappropriate for ice, I cannot count how many times I nearly completely stacked it!

So, some fun facts about Nordkapp, which we were told by our incredible tour guide:

  • Nordkapp is not actually the northernmost point of Europe, the neighbouring Knivskjellodden is 1457m further north.
  • In approximately 1664, the first tourist was reported to have climbed the plateau, he was an Italian Priest and it took him more than two years to make his journey.
  • The first group travel was arranged in 1875 for 24 participants.

EUROPE - 6672

This destination is certainly expensive but it is absolutely beautiful and I figured that if we were going to travel all that way, only to stay on the boat and not go on the journey, it would have been a missed opportunity.

The entrance fee is 275NOK, which is around $45AUD – you will pay more to go on an organised tour, but the climb is steep and the tour guide is a local and is passionate – so well worth it if you can afford it.

Once we made our way back down the mountain and back onto the ship for our final leg of our Hurtigruten journey we finally tried the Brown Cheese and Stockfish flavoured ice-cream on board the ship (unusual, but not all that unpleasant), rugged up with warm drinks and waited for our chance to see the Aurora Borealis.

I had already been asleep for an hour when G came and woke me up once they were showing, I had the wrong lens on the camera and was totally out of it. However, you can see my very very amateur shots below!

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My #instabreak (read: #instarelief)

A week and a bit ago, I decided to deactivate my travel Instagram page, @courtney_brisbaneblogger. It was a choice I battled with over and over and for the first couple of days, I honestly was not sure if I had made the right choice.

Now I can honestly say, I made the right choice. I am not waking in the morning and checking Instagram, worrying about the stats. Worrying that I am not getting notifications from the same people, being disheartened by the lack of engagement.

I miss the contact of several people, absolutely – but for the sake of my mental health, I have to tell you – it is the best choice I could have possibly made. I absolutely want to get back on there one day, although I wonder if there is, in fact, a way to clean-out my followers and those accounts I am following – without re-activating my account.


So I waited a week before I continued this post, just to see if my opinion had changed at all. It has not, thankfully. This last week I have been able to concentrate on my business, my work, and my I.R.L friends. I have not been caught up in algorithms and phony human-contact, hashtags, and scrolling through the same photos over and over again.

I can slowly feel my creativity coming back to me, I felt porous, leached dry of any genuine creativity when I was playing such close attention to my lifestyle/travel IG. There are quite a few people I have connected with, through text and message – those who genuinely understand the need for a break.

What I find to be completely amazing though, is the gorgeous woman who started our niche #gram tribe, also was going through the same thing! I had no idea when I was at our meetup (the night before I deleted/blocked everything) and looking at this incredible woman in the flesh, that she too was looking at taking a break. I’ve just checked and yep, this woman -who I really admire, has also taken a break from the gram.

The thing is, it is and is not real life, as much as any one thing can be both and both not something. You look at places, some genuine shots, genuine moments and then there are the pre-meditated, posed, screen-show masterpieces which are popular. It is fictitious, it is vacuous and do you know what? It is not inspiring. Not at all. It creates a breeding ground of doubt, of comparison and of an intrinsic sensation of failure.

I know there are people out there who are personally offended by my choice to delete my page or to stop communicating with them. All I can say is it is personal 100%. It was personal to me and I am feeling lighter, breathing deeper and my social media anxiety is fading.

Thank goodness.

Another thing to remember, social media is not real-life and other people’s actions are always made for THEM, not for you and that is A-OK.

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How to beat jet-lag

You don’t.

All the melatonin, pressure points, cardio, water, re-setting your watch, sleeping in-line with your destination does NOTHING.

Your body is tricky, it knows you have failed it. Your body knows you have taken it away from an amazing holiday and brought it home – in cattle-class. Your body knows how many wines you had, it remembers the sound and smell of the three babies that were two rows ahead of you. It is well-aware you have unpacked your suitcase.

It even knows you are sending it back to work – so no, you cannot beat it. You are denying it it’s eating-drinking-exploring days.

If your body wants to nap, nap. If it wants 3L of diet coke, give it to it. If it wants to get up at 6am and act like a crazy-active person for five hours and then crash like you’ve ran a marathon, like Jim Carey in Yes Man, then go with it.

Mourn together. Then when you are ready, plan your next holiday.

Also maybe go to the gym.

Eat a vegetable.

You do you.

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Travel Diary (Day 15) – Sogndal – Bergen

Day 15 – 4/10

Well, sadly our time in Norway had come to an end. It was time to wave goodbye to our gorgeous Air BnB boathouse loft and head back to Bergen. Now on any other holiday and in literally any non-Scandinavian country we would have taken our time, we would have just paid the extra day. We however were renting a car in Norway and therefore there was absolutely zero chance we would be returning our car a minute past 11:30, because quite frankly we didn’t have the money to spare!

Grant woke us up at 6am and we were on the road by 6:30am, heading back to Bergen. Being the Wife of the year I consider myself to be, I very solemnly swore to remain awake and alert with Grant for the four hour journey (in the dark and in the rain). I then woke up in Njardarheimr in Gudvangen, which was around two hours into our journey. Bad Wife. Also, can I just say how confusing it is to wake up after sleeping to see two traditionally Viking dressed persons at the service station?

However this was not the most shocking part about the service station. Oh no, not at all. Pop quiz for all of you playing at home. How much would you expect 3/4 of a tank of diesel for a VW Polo? Did you guess $120 AUD? No?! Weird! Neither did we. I think we only cried for the next 40km.

Once we made it back to Bergen, it was apparent that the beautiful weather we had been experiencing was long gone, it was absolutely bucketing down. So rather than wrangling all of our luggage in the rain in a cab, Grant dropped me at the Hurtigruten terminal and took the hire car back and then he cabbed it back to me.

Now. What happened next may or may not be a miscommunication, but it kind of set the tone for the rest of that day. We were aware that you could do a bag-drop at 1pm (thank god!) and could check-in from 3:30pm and get onto the ship. So, we cooled our heals in the coffee shop at the terminal, excited to know that technically it was our last out of pocket expense for food for the next week (we had paid for the full-board package oh our journey (this does NOT include alcohol). We dropped our bags at 1pm and asked what we needed to do to check-in. Now, our recollection of these instructions were that we could get our tickets and then at 3:30pm we could go upstairs and board. Pretty clear right?

So off we skip, into town to try and see more of Bergen than we had the other day. Except it was hammering down rain, which we don’t mind, but it can really kill your strolling around town vibe! We went to the Irish pub we had seen, except they don’t open until 5pm and quite frankly, I am not sure the Irish are aware of this. Surely it’s against Irish law?! The barkeep (I am positive that’s not the term, but ah well) kindly told us (with judgement in his eyes) that no, we could not drink there but thankfully there was a coffee shop around the corner where we could get a meal.

We found a booth at said coffee shop, saw a sign for ale, reminded one another of the dietary blessing that is a stout that it’s magical liquid is basically a steak and two eggs and that technically we were eating.

Guinness was not available but we found Murphy’s Irish Stout and promptly ordered several pints of this. We FaceTimed the kids which is always really nice when we are travelling and let them know that we would be on a ship for the next week so reception might be poor. We then took a walk around the old fishing village and checked out a few stores.

Bergen was founded in 1070AD and was the capital of Norway for many years. A central point for Norwegian travel it holds the beautiful history UNESCO-listed Bryggen district, which is dated back to the 14th century. When we stopped in at one of the sweet little gift shops down an incredibly old alley, we learned that the Norwegians take great pride in their manhole covers on their roads, and in fact each municipality has a different plate with intricate designs on them.

We had an hour to spare before we could get onto the ship and so we found a local supermarket, bought two rather large beers and drank them like uncouth backstreet bandits. It was pouring and we had a few stouts under our belts. Not my proudest moment but hey, that’s travel for you babe!

Now is the time to bring back into focus the aforementioned ‘miscommunication’ at the check-in counter, because it’s a doozy. We make our way upstairs, the lovely lady tells us that check-in has been moved to 4pm. No matter. That’s just another half hour wait. We see downstairs that there is easily 200 people waiting to do their bag drop and check-in. Oh my god we think, thank god we did that earlier. That line looks horrendous.

So 4pm rolls around, we’ve got the jump on hundreds of people and then it happens. We find out that yes, we’ve done a bag drop but no, we aren’t checked in. Wait, what?!

So downstairs we go, beaten. Devastated. Horrified. We were now at the back of the line of hundreds of people who, and I mean absolutely no disrespect here, but people who in the event of any emergency are not winning that hate v. Tortoise race. Ever.

An hour and a half later we get to the front. We check-in. We’ve had at least 15 comments on our age, our lack of luggage, our height and our age. Great.

Hurtigruten is not marketed as a seniors cruise, so let’s get that out of the way. It’s an incredible, educational and adventure trip up and down the coast of Norway and guess what? We had every right to be there with ever other person and we had certainly paid for it!

All of that aside we finally made our way onto the ship and even though they advise your rooms are not available until 6pm we figured if the room opened we could go in and drop our belongings. I think we may have been the reason it was announced over the speaker that you were not permitted into your rooms until 6pm. Sorry Hurtigruten. Also when we made our booking we had requested and paid for a room with unobstructed views. Trust me when I say the price difference is noticeable. So when we first boarded and saw large life boats sitting outside our room, our hearts sank. However when we had a peek into our room we saw that for the most part we could see outside of our window. Not whilst in bed though, we could only see the lifeboats. So that was disappointing but not the end of the trip.

Once we were allowed into our rooms we unpacked, found the laundry – washed our clothes and got ready for dinner. Our dinner spot for the first night was beautiful, the food was amazing and our early night to bed, in the comfiest bed we had had all trip was welcomed.

It was time to start our Hurtigruten voyage!

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Travel Diary (Day 14) – Sogndal & Flåm

Day 14 – 3/10

This morning we woke up and the night before we had changed our minds about driving to the Geiranger Fjord as it would have resulted in an eight-hour trip (without stops), so we decided that unfortunately would not be seeing this famed Fjord as we had also missed the season of going into this Fjord on our Hurtigruten cruise.

IMG_2452Instead we decided we would catch the ferry back across the Sognefjorden and visit Flåm. With the ferry crossing we were there within an hour and a half and it was like driving into the little town of every persons dream!

This sweet little village of Flåm has since the late 19th century been a tourist destination. It currently receives almost 450,000 visitors a year and if you’ve ever researched the tourist destination spots of Norway, then it is more than likely you have seen pictures of this wonderful spot!

During our original plans we had initially thought we would do the Norway in a Nutshell tour but again the price was incredibly expensive so we decided not to. Once we got to Flåm we decided it was time for hot coffee and maybe a picnic. We had taken our own food for the day, so what we did buy was two coffees (from a machine) and it seriously nearly cost us $20. Glad we had our picnic!

We figured since we were at Flåm, and as we had saved money by taking our own food, that we would splurge on a round trip on the Flåmsbana. Now the fare itself per adult return did set us back $780 NOK (or $150 Australian each). Which, to be honest is super pricey, unless it is something you really have on your bucket-list it’s not necessary but I really wanted to ride the tail and visit Myrdal.

Here are some fun facts about the Flåm- Myrdal railway:

  • The journey will take you from stunning Fjord landscapes up to beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks;
  • The journey explains to you the history of the area and gives you a wonderful background of traditions which do date back to pagan times;
  • The journey is 20km and the scenery does meet the tourism promise of dramatic scenery;
  • When you reach Myrdal, you are 866 metres above sea-level.

As you leave the azure waters of Aurlandsfjord you will pass the beautiful Flåm Stave Church (have you worked out our love for churches yet?), and this beauty dates back to 1667!

My favourite stop was the amazing Rjoandefossen waterfall, magnificently hurling herself 140m straight down the mountainside.

Rather than building bridges, the engineers actually opted to run the river through tunnels underneath the railway line. It is incredible! There is evidence of rockfalls and avalanches throughout the entire journey and it just reminds you again how brave and incredible the people who created all of these places we get to explore now really were.

IMG_2396There is a decent 1,320-metre tunnel, the Nåli tunnel, and past this you stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall. Now I’ve had some pretty amazing train + waterfall combos in my time, but I can honestly say this one was the BEST! Especially with the fresh snow all around us!

I don’t regret the expense or the experience at all, when it comes to travel it all comes down to what you are okay sacrificing in order to splurge elsewhere. For me and thankfully for my Husband as well – we are happy to smash servo sandwiches and filtered coffee in order to spend money on experiences. For others its fine dining. For some it’s shopping. Don’t let anyone dictate to you what is it is not a waste of money. It’s your holiday, you do you x .

After our Flåm adventure we hit the road, made it back to our ferry, crossed the river. Went through that bloody 24km tunnel again and then we were home. Home for our last night in our gorgeous little boat shed loft.

Somehow, the tiny village of Sogndal has a burger and gin joint which basically screams ‘Welcome Courtney‘, so we had our last dinner there – delicious. Although there was an odd man across from us who was participating in our conversation, without being in our conversation. If you know what I mean?

I don’t think we could have utilised our time any better than what we did and I am just so thankful to have a travel partner who travels the way I do. We take turns both in being in charge or navigating or having melt downs. It’s how it should be. For those of you who travel solo, I think you’re amazing. Seriously.

My tips for the Flåm rail:

  • Choose the return trip up to Myrdal;
  • Don’t panic if you cannot get a seat on the right hand side, your view up the mountain will not be “as good”, but that’s okay – I’ll tell you why in a minute;
  • Sit nearer the doors – the train will stop for a few minutes at the Kjosfossen waterfall, you want to be one of the first off your carriage and up to the barrier for the waterfall. If you move quickly you’ll get a few snaps in before the swarms make their way!
  • The train, regardless of how crowded on its way up, will NOT be that crowded on the return trip. Many people are doing the Norway in a Nutshell, which means flicks of your fellow passengers are getting off at Myrdal. You will then have the seat of your choosing! Swap sides from where you were on the way up and have a different perspective!

For more information on Flåm you can click here.

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Travel Diary (Day 13) – Sogndal to Loen

Day 13 – Tuesday 2/10 – Our day trip from Sogndal to Loen

This morning we woke up in our super-cute little Air BnB and knew that we really only had two days to explore inner Norway, so we needed to hit the road pretty early. We ate a delicious meal of pancakes with delicious strawberries, smashed several coffees and hit the road!

Grant had researched a place situated in Nordfjord, the small and incredibly stunning village of Loen, which is also below the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. We figured that at the start of Autumn we were out of luck for the glacier, but we were pretty excited to visit the area.

As we drove into Færland, we noticed that the ground was white, then the further we drove up the range, we noticed there was ‘rain’ hitting the windscreen…and then it took these two Australian’s who live in Queensland longer than it should have, that we were actually driving through snow. Honestly, it was the most amazing gift, neither of us could believe it was happening!


Our drive in total was around two hours, with a couple of scenic stops here and there. As we descended the valley into Loen, we honestly could not believe what we were seeing, I was starting to feel as though I was living out all of my Disney Princess dreams!

We ate our packed lunches (Norway is way too expensive, seriously – try to pack your own meals if you can and you want to save some cash!). As we sat overlooking the valley we noticed the Loen Skylift which we had read about. We decided to splurge on it and head on up! It is not cheap though, classic Norwegian prices at $505NOK (return) a pop, so w were well over-budget for the day.

IMG_2232The ride up the Loen Skylift is steep-as-hell and if you like heights than this is for you! It took us only six or so minutes and we spend the entire time being absolutely mesmerised at the windows. Luckily for us we really do seem to be travelling off-season, so we have been really lucky in terms of crowds.

Once we got to the top we could NOT believe it, there was lush, powdery and plentiful snow EVERYWHERE!!! So obviously we required drinks and then about an hour playing in the snow. As G pointed out, one of us looked majestic in the snow and then there was the other one (me), who sunk into the slush up to my knee and my boot filled with ice water and snow. It was awesome. Freezing but the first and probably last time I will ever have a boot full of snow and iced water! I also did my very first snow angel and although her booty was rather large, I think I did an okay job!

IMG_2273We enjoyed a couple more drinks at the top of the summit and then slowly made our way back home, stopping to play with Dronius Maximus a little, unfortunately winds and rain had been so high that we had not been able to take it out earlier.

The Loen Skylift from Oct 15 – Nov 1 of this year s closed on Monday and Tuesday’s but is open from 9am-7/10pm from Wednesday through til Sunday, as is the Bar & Café and A la carte restaurant. You can read more about the Loen Skylift here.

I could not recommend visiting Loen more, it was quaint, beautiful and the view from the top of the Skylift, though pricey – is fantastic. I can only imagine that dinner from the top is phenomenal as well.

IMG_2290ACS_0288I think that we spent the perfect day inland and definitely took advantage of the limited time we had in the area.

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Travel Diary (Day 11) – Faroe Islands to Bergen (via Copenhagen)

Day 11 – Sunday 30/9 – Faroe Islands – Bergen (vis Copenhagen)

Well we knew today was a write-off, as most transit days can be. We had no idea how long the day would feel though! As our schedule really only allowed us to visit the Faroes for three days, this meant we would leave on a Sunday. Sadly there are no direct flights on a Sunday from Vàgar to Bergen, so we needed to fly via Copenhagen.

As our travels tend to play out, we woke up to shocking weather and we were beyond pleased to have experienced the beautiful weather we had whilst we were there.

Our flight was not until lunchtime, so we had a few hours to explore Vagar a little more, we drove out to a beautiful old cathedral, boat harbour and village with some older style log buildings.

We drove back to the airport, dropped off our fantastic little cat which had served us well and decided that wine + beers at the airport were our best-bet for some time wasting.

Once we were on the plane we had a few more drinks and watched movies on our phones and we were back in Copenhagen. We had around a four and a half hour layover in Copenhagen, but once we collected our luggage and then took it to the departures terminal and survived that disaster we couldn’t be bothered leaving the terminal. We had originally planned to maybe go back into Copenhagen and see some more, but sadly that was not to be!

We departed Copenhagen around 9pm and landed in Bergen at 10:30pm, it was such a long day. Once we had our bags we then headed out to our bus transfer which dropped us off at the Torget stop near the old fish markets which was the same block as our hotel!

Originally we had booked to stay at a place called Citybox Hotel, but in my over-prepared state as I couldn’t pre-pay the stay I had cancelled it and booked elsewhere. We stayed at the Magic Hotel in Bergen and it was gorgeous! The rooms great, the location could not have been better, incredibly comfortable bed and all-inclusive breakfast in the morning. If you are heading to Bergen, I couldn’t recommend this hotel any more!

Really not too much to update on today, given it was a transit day – only that we are finding the serving of hot fish meals on planes to be, um…different? Also a lady kept turning around in her seat and turning our air pumps off above our seats. Seriously she did it three times, until I had to tell her ‘No, leave it – that’s my fan and it’s on me’. Oh and the other lady that tried to stay on her mobile phone during our plane’s taxi – hiding behind her seat. Hilarious.

The Scandinavians are a very tolerant and patient bunch, put it that way! We all know what sort of responses occur with that sort of behaviour in America!

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Long-haul flights & pure, messy, carnal survival

Long haul flights are nobodies friend. Especially not a friend towards us taller folk. We struggle to get comfortable, we nearly always have someone 5″ sitting in-front of us who drop their seat back ALL the way the second that seatbelt light goes off. If we are lucky we end up in the middle.

I’ve been stuck between two tiny ladies on my flight from Singapore to Brisbane, both fall asleep on me and snore their little heads off. With all of their bags I had no leg room and to get comfy I tucked my feet into the magazine holder in front of me.

On my flight from Peru to Argentina, a lady took her shoe off, lifted it up over her knee and played with her toes for most of the flight. I had another guy on a flight from LA to Miami put his foot through the seats and poke me with his toes. There was the guy who burped and blew his burp breath behind him into my seating area so as not to offend his Wife.

My Husband had a lady eat a red onion covered salad from SanFran to NYC and I’ve had a woman take my magazine from my lap and read it from Singapore to Dubai. That same journey I had air-staff ask me to swap my extra-leg room seat for a pregnant lady. At the time I was too naive to say no and ended up in the middle seat next to her Husband who very aggressively told me I was not to consume meat or alcohol near him.

Oh and then there’s the tiny, tiny man who jammed his seat back into my legs so fiercely that it blew my meniscus out.

Ahhh flying. Now this was a post I started before we headed overseas. It has now been a couple of weeks overseas and multiple flights so here’s a few of my tips.

1. If you’re flying long-haul, forget the window seat because if there are strangers on the other side of you, you will be faced with the Tyler Durden position of arse or crotch. Go the middle row, outside seat. If you’re flying with another person then at MOST you will only be getting up for each other.

2. Forget your #instagram worthy outfit and get comfortable. Remember, you are in for the long-haul. Quite literally. In your own strange solo space, sitting and marinating in your own juices. Yeah that sounds disgusting but it’s the reality of the situation. You want some moisture-wicking, comfy and loose clothing. As for shoes, wear something you can slip on and off quickly. Pack socks – because your feet will get cold.

3. Creature comforts are your best friend. That’s your space. Get comfy. Set your little home up. Wipe your seat down with antibacterial wipes before you go touching everything. Make sure you have eye-drops & nose-spray. You need to treat yourself like your beloved dog, keep that nose wet. It’s your best defence against other people’s germs. Also, not sure if you’ve ever tried to wash your face in an airplane basin, but it’s no Neutrogena moment. So make-up wipes are where it’s at.

4. After my last flight I feel it’s pretty important to mention this next one. Don’t overdo it on your medication. Don’t over think the process. Do not take double what you are meant to. Because sometimes, some people get really sick and end up putting one of the plane toilets out of commission from your exorcist style illness. Ps. I was that person and I will carry this shame for the rest of my life.

5. Do not replace water with wine. You are not Jesus’ dinner guests. Drink your water or look like a haggard monster at the end of your trip.

6. Be prepared to become the resting place for smaller people. People fall asleep on me. People use my bags as pillows. People have no clue that I enjoy physical interactions with strangers about as much as I would enjoy putting a campfire out with my face. Set your boundaries. Keep them in place or be prepared to become someone’s prison Wife in that tiny flying steel chamber of hell for 14 hours.

7. If you want to eat first. Order a special meal. Not only will you be served first, but you can eat and then go to sleep. Win.

8. Have music lists ready to go. Close your eyes and try to sleep whenever you feel those little lids of yours dropping. If you cannot sleep wake back up and read or watch tv, but the second those little sleeping fairies start flirting with you, try to get to sleep.

9. If you are in the middle seat, let me give you a universally known tip. Those arm rests are YOURS. If someone who has an aisle seat tries to take your arm rests, or heaven forbid the people either side of you attempt this, get crafty with those elbows. They’re yours babe. Never forget.

10. Keep that air on high. Give yourself every possibility of remaining well. Remember, people for some reason seem to treat personal hygiene like a fancy persons treat. Try to keep those coughs, sneezes, burps, stinky breath and of course farts (animals people, they’re animals) out of your face as best you can.

Look, they’re my ten tips. You may or may not agree with them. If you can fly business do it. Otherwise remember it’s a means to an end and travel is the greatest thing in the world!

What’s your top long-haul tip?

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