It’s locked in!

Happy Fri-yay! What a week it’s been – how did you go?! Here is a cute little flower from Peru to start your morning!

Today is pretty exciting, because today – we are booking our flights to London for our trip next year!!!

Initially we had planned on flying on Qantas’ new Dreamliner from Perth to London direct, but seeing as we live on the East coast of Australia – the price for the flights were a bit much. So my wonderful gf found sale flights with Cathay Pacific – via Hong Kong. Have you flown with CP? Are they okay?

We still have 10.5 months until the trip but I have a feeling it is absolutely going to fly past!

So today we book our flights, our deposit on our Hurtigruten adventure has been paid and this is really coming together!

Have a wonderful Friday!




Well it’s 7:45am here in Brisbane, it’s  22 degrees already (um we didn’t even have Spring??) and I’m on my way to work. 

I can’t help but wish I was on holidays. Maybe back in NYC…

Enjoying hot drinks, holding hands and winter. Or maybe back in some tropical paradise….

Cocktail in hand, drunken bingo, eating anything with carbs and cheese with G and spending a good majority of the day without shoes on….or even back on our Honeymoon!

Enjoying New Zealand for all that it is and all it will be! Pinot, whiskey, great food, amazing sights….

Instead I’m on a crowded bus, in peak hour traffic, suspecting today will be like any typical Wednesday – and I’ll have objects and tasks coming at me from all angles. 

We have to pay the bills and afford travel somehow though, right? 😉

Happy Wednesday!

Tell me – where would you rather be today?

C x


Learning a new language after 30, is it possible?

languagesMy husband and I are both Australian, the closest we have to any understanding of other languages would be the thick accent my Irish FIL speaks in and of course any basic Spanish attempts I made when I was in South America, or the very basic French used in France, French Canada and New Caledonia. Which I can confirm did not go beyond “hello” “yes” “no” “no more” “stop” “how much” “thank you” and “cheese” (not a joke – cheese is life).

So with our incredible holiday next year being planned and including France, Copenhagen, the Faroe Islands and Norway – we really need to devise some kind of plan here. I did minimal French in early high school and G did Italian but so far the phrases we both seem to remember from school is “Pardonnez-moi” and “apri la porta” (excuse me and open the door, respectively).

Where do we start? Where do two Australians, in their 30’s start to learn a new language? I am well aware that Scandinavian’s are likely to have a better handle on English than most Australian’s, but still – we want to make the effort. We want to try and we don’t really want to be laughed at or be mistaken as ignorant travellers, not having a go at the local language!

language 2We have bought our Lonely Planet translation guide, we’ve downloaded apps to our phones and we are ready to give this everything we’ve got. Do we switch it up? Do I focus on French and Norwegian and G learns Danish and Norwegian? Meeting somewhere in the middle? Apparently Danish and Norwegian are virtually identical, so that’s good! French is its own beast and of course it’s all well and good to learn another language, but after my dismal attempts at Spanish – once I got to South America and saw how quickly everyone was speaking it – I pretty much gave up!

Have you learned another language later in life? What are your tips? Did you learn online, with audio, books or in person with a tutor? Do we just learn the basics? Our greetings, our please and thank-you’s?

When a tourist stops you in the street and communicates with you and English is clearly not their first language, how do you help them? Do you help them? Share with us your tips and tricks!

C x