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Travel Diary (Day 22) – Oslo to Edinburgh

Day 22 11/10 – Oslo – Edinburgh

EUROPE - 3231We had an early morning to head back to the Oslo Airport and make our flight to Scotland. The excitement of heading to Scotland was there, but we were also really quite sad about leaving this amazing country. If you are travelling in and out of Oslo, I couldn’t recommend the Oslo FlyToGet service any higher. It will cost you far less than other modes of transport, the buses and trains are really comfortable and you’re guaranteed to get to your destination.

EUROPE - 2088

We lugged our massive (seriously, those backpacks were such a mistake!) to Oslo Airport and soaked in the little time we had left. Our boarding time was not until after lunch, so I had time to do some photo back-ups, FaceTime my family and also have a couple of cheeky wines.

Our flight was only an hour and a half and by lunchtime, we were flying over Scotland! We had a lot to see in our short amount of time in Scotland so we hit the ground running. We dropped our luggage off at our Premier Inn on Princess Street, went for a walk, grabbed coffees and kept on walking. We walked all the way through and to Old Town and again had the same feeling we did when we were in Oslo, wishing we had of had more time in this beautiful city!

Guinness and Whisky was our next step and as we sat down and soaked in the foot traffic along Edinburgh’s beautiful cobblestone streets, the surprise dimly lit alleyways and of course the imposing castle!

Edinburgh’s Old Town has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since the mid-nineties and I honestly felt as though I had stepped back in time. Victoria Street is absolutely gorgeous and rumour has it that it is the inspiration behind Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.

We quickly decided that what we should do, is go on a Haunted tour through Edinburgh. Sounds like such a great idea after a few drinks, but by the time the sun disappeared, I have to admit I was seriously getting spooked out (and excited!). We decided to go with City of the Dead tours, it seemed to have the most comprehensive detail on their website, and we just hoped it wasn’t corny or had the tour guide dressed as a vampire or anything ridiculous.

EUROPE - 2101The tour itself was really spooky, especially when our tour guide (who was fantastic and not dressed like a B-grade Drama Student) would dull her candle or turn her torch off. I think the closest I came to losing my mind is when we were underground. There is a reason why this tour group has been named Britain’s Best Ghost Walk, it is so well done, very spooky (without it being over the top) and really highlights the fact that truth is always scarier and stranger than fiction!

Some fun facts about Edinburgh (hold onto your butts here)…

Ghost hunters and Psychics have long said that Edinburgh is one of the most haunted places in the world.

Hundreds of ‘witches’ were burnt at the stake during the witchcraft frenzy of the 17th century.

The underground vaults (absolutely the scariest place I have ever been) used to be the home for the poorest people in Edinburgh, as well as vagrants, thieves, sex workers and those with only the darkest of intentions.

Greyfriars Kirkyard is a graveyard which dates back to the 16th century and being there was just horrifying. Many claim that they are attacked by malevolent spirits. G walked right up to the back of one of the scarier cells. I feel things a little more deeply than G, so I was on high alert for most of the tour, I kept trying to lock down my mind and heart from racing (which took a lot of slow breathing and counting).

You can book a tour with City of the Dead here.

EUROPE - 2050Once we finished our tour we walked back down through Old Town, back to our hotel and off to sleep – ready to explore more of Edinburgh the following day before we drove to Glasgow!

Edinburgh I hope to come back one day and spend a week or so in your beautiful city!

x Courtney x

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Will I break my back(pack) on my next trip?

Have you ever travelled over 36 hours internationally, only to reach your destination and realise you have packed a bag of rubbish (tags and receipts from your pre-vacay purchases), into your suitcase instead of a bag of undergarments? NO? Just me. Weird.

My first solo international trip I had a bag which may as well have been the same size as me. Which was an absolute hoot to drag up and down old European hotels which did NOT have elevators (now is a good time to let you know I was absolutely not prepared for international travel in 2009).

Let me show you the monstrosity I thought was suitable, for those playing at home – a bag this size is never appropriate. Ever. If you notice, there are additional bags because releasing two Aussie girls and a Kiwi girl into America was quite literally, letting loose in a candy store. Yep. Those bags are mostly filled with snacks. #noshame (okay, maybe a little shame).

giant pink bagI’ve tried soft bags, hard bags, bags with internal ribbing, bags with locks, bags without locks, bags wrapped in plastic (thanks to Mum who was not at all okay with me going to Thailand in 2012). I have tried the vacuum packs, the packing cubes and also separating clothes and accessories into their own situation. Guess what? It changed nothing. I am a mess of a person when it comes to contained, constrained and appropriate packing.

Fondly known as a ‘Court-nado’ (thanks Jem), my ability to take a beautiful new space and absolutely cover it in the remnants from my exploded bag within thirty seconds would be (if not hideously annoying), a marketable skill. bag explosionG and I are heading on a different trip this time, we are not guaranteed footpaths or lifts or even paved ground. So it was time to succumb to the backpack. I’ve often put it off because I am not overly sure I have the skills to lug a backpack around let alone pack it correctly. G was pretty excited to get his as it matches his smaller daypack I bought him for his birthday. So I ummed and ahhhed and then in a typical copycat-Wife fashion, bought the exact backpack (but in pink, obviously).

So far it has sat in the cupboard, staring aggressively at me. I think it knows I have no idea how to bond with it. This poor backpack could have been the property of an equipped backpacker and yet it has me. I’m sorry. I am going to try my very best to not ruin you, also I don’t want to ruin my back because then G will have to carry both of our bags and me and I think we all know how that is going to end (G will raid my bag for anything he wants, put it into his bag and leave me and my pink bag on the side of the road somewhere).img_2930So, my question to you all (and please feel free to give me all of the help and all of the advice) is, WHAT EXACTLY DO I NEED WITH MY BACKPACK?

Is there some kind of packing separators? How do you pack it? Are they good or are they bad? Are there any recommended accessories you can recommend? We have 73 days to get this show on the road and I don’t want to appear as obviously out of my depth with a backpack as I probably look now….

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