Christmas Eve in Sydney!

Day Three – Christmas Eve in Sydney.

This morning we decided to explore Hyde Park – we forgot to check the weather and the four of us were basically dripping balls of sweat in 36+ degree heat for the morning. Which, considering the Christmas feed we intended on eating over the course of the next few days!

Hyde Park is one of Australia’s oldest public playgrounds and covers 40 acres. It is famed for it’s amazing fig-lined avenues and on a 36 degree day, the shade from these beauties was well appreciated! The efforts which has gone into the manicured gardens and the perfect rows of flowers shows the dedication Sydney has towards preserving the garden and their public areas.

We wandered around the park for an hour or so and then we grabbed coffee and watched a gorgeous elderly man playing chess on the oversized chess board in the park. We then walked back to our apartment and got ready to prepare for Christmas Eve!


St Mary’s Cathedral had some absolutely beautiful Christmas Carols outside the front of the church during several different sessions. There was a pretty scary looking set of clouds coming on over but it was amazingly cool – which was a delightful break from the heat we had all day!

After the carols I wanted to try and see the church service, as it is something I do with my family each year, normally on Christmas morning. No luck there, far too many people (obviously!) – so we headed into the back of the room and listened to the first part and then headed home.

Once home it was Christmas carols, lollies and shortbread biscuits, getting ready for Santa with the kids, drinking adorable little apple juice shots on the rooftop looking at the sky and of course singing Christmas carols, drinking ginger beer/chocolate milk out of wine glasses and then having a midnight bedtime.


When we woke up in the morning….look who had visited us?

Merry Christmas everyone!

x C x


#SnapBrisbane – Brisbane’s 24 Hours of (increased) Insta-Fame <3

It’s no surprise to anyone how much I love Brisbane. I love, love, LOVE Brisbane. This is my home, I live here, wild-horses could not drag me to a new place to live. Ever. So when I remembered #snapbrisbane was coming up again – I knew I had to get out there and pound the pavement and get some new photos of the city I love so much!

My Insta:

I started with about 18 pictures from the weekend (down from about 40), but that seemed a little excessive. I try not to post too many pictures on IG in any one day, but when there is a 24 hour IG event, I can’t help myself? Let’s showcase our girl! So, I settled on 9, G helped me cull (*crying because I had to say no to several of them*).

So here they are, the selected 9 – I hope you enjoy!

jacarandas again

Jacaranda Trees- ‘purple rain’ all through Brisbane from late September through to late November ❤

Courtney Gaye Kookaburra Queen Flowers

A sweet little view of the Kookaburra Queen, behind Mr and Mrs G bar down at Eagle Street/Riverside 🙂

the mansions

The Mansions, up on George Street in the CBD. Built in 1889, in gorgeous Victorian architecture style.

brick wall

This gorgeous brick wall, is located up the top of Beatrice Lane (off of Margaret Street) – the Former Watsons Brothers building was built in 1887 – the original stables are now used as a city Wilson’s carpark!

red door

Margaret Street has a sassy little red-door which commands attention! This is she….say hello!

william street

As we venture along the ‘Reflections on the River’ heritage walk, there was a road shut, so we couldn’t get to Queens Wharf Road, so as we kept along George Street – we then popped up this alleyway….look how cute it is!

Jacaranda 3

Jacaranda Trees will always be my favourite and they have been in Brisbane since 1864!


South Bank in Brisbane is one of my favourite places and has been since I was a little girl – you cannot beat the beautiful archways with their buganvilia flowers :).


The cutest little bee in some flowers, in a Coles car parking lot I took this morning (armed with shopping bags of course!!).

Well there you go, 9 pictures of my beloved Brisbane which I submitted as part of the #snapbrisbane event.

If you would like to see more – follow the below link! I heard today that one of my pictures is going to be published in the newspaper (my Kookaburra Queen picture!) – so I am unbelievably excited!

Thank for reading, have a fantastic end of your week!

x C x